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Sep 18, 2016
...….and other incredible notices relating to LEONARDO DA VINCI who seems had been inspired by Braccio Martelli in his home in Florence.
Many links to be read with care
so, where He found out most of his famous discoveries ?......





this opens up an unexpected scenario on Leonardo………… did You know ? Never heard ?



Sep 7, 2015
Leonardo da Vinci, during his stay at the Martelli house, had the opportunity to consult some books that the Martelli family jealously kept in a special room protected by an armored door built by the Martellis themselves. This door was equipped with a rudimentary but effective anti-theft system, and to be open, it needed two keys that had to work simultaneously. The books hidden behind the door were part of the Cathar Bible. The reason why the Martelli family kept these books secretly can be explained by reading the description of the epic story by Roberto da Volterra, a direct descendant of the Martelli family. It seems that Leonardo da Vinci was very interested in the journey of the Templar knight and in particular in the "mirror of Romitone", but this is another story ...
For the moment let's limit ourselves to presenting a detailed biography of Roberto da Volterra. Roberto was also a skilled gunsmith, for this he was hired by the kingdom of Cyprus and joined the Cypriot crusaders on his way to the holy land. Thus it was that Roberto Martello became a crusader and in 1219 he found himself alongside Knights Templar during the siege of Damietta. At that time Roberto made friends especially with the knights of San Giovanni, who later started the knighthood. During the siege, Roberto Martello met a saint who came from Italy to Damietta to try to convert the Sultan of Egypt to Christianity. Later, about a year later, Roberto Martello again met that saint, this time in his land in Val di Sieve. Roberto witnessed the completion of a miracle of the saint: he brought a water source out of the mountain. The miracle is also remembered today as the miracle of the "Madonna of the ditches". From that moment the water became the main element in the life of Roberto Martello and all his descendants, to be searched up to the water temple in Colognole. In fact, having witnessed the miracle of the Madonna dei Fossi convinced Roberto Martello to walk the path of faith and enter the order of the Knights Templar. For this reason, after demonstrating his legitimacy as a knight from birth, he became a postulant and his investiture as a Knight Templar was held in a church in Volterra in the presence of the Counts Guidi who confirmed his knighthood. For this he was named as Roberto da Volterra, although the commenda of belonging was not found in Volterra, but in Montelopio and was referred to as "militia of the temple of Volterra". In just over a year and a half Roberto was able to demonstrate his spiritual and warrior skills to the point of being chosen by "Pierre de Montaigu" as a man suitable for a mission requested by Cardinal Pelagio. It is important to point out that it was Pierre de Montaigu who advised Roberto Martello to go to Bibbona to meet a certain Armenian monk, to convince him to follow him in his difficult mission. However Pierre de Montaigu advised Robert to pay close attention in confronting the monk, as he was also a powerful magician. He from the top of his tower had managed to create an imaginary kingdom in another dimension complete with kings and knights. These characters, evoked by the magician, sometimes escaped from the tower and mixed with the real world, creating much chaos. This is why the Armenian magician was forced to destroy the tower. It is said that the Armenian magician donated to one of these imaginary characters, a real sword forged in the past by the Martellos...
Aug 1, 2016