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Jul 7, 2016
amazing video. For some reason it seems all things connected, the cancer cure w Tesla coil w time travel w 7.8Hz w 420 hz w 369. It takes a good shroom to put the pieces together and rebuild a working instrument.


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Sep 12, 2017
Codex Aesinas[edit]
The Codex Aesinas is believed to be portions of the Codex Hersfeldensis - the lost Germania manuscript brought to Rome from Hersfeld Abbey. It was rediscovered in 1902 by priest-philologist Cesare Annibaldi in the possession of Count Aurelio Balleani of Iesi.[8]

Adolf Hitler and Heinrich Himmler sought unsuccessfully to gain possession of the Codex Aesinas.[citation needed]

Temporarily transferred to Florence for the controls at the state body of the fine arts, the manuscript was severely damaged during the 1966 flood. It was later restored and brought back to Iesi, and in 1994 the Codex Aesinas was given to the National Library in Rome, catalogued as Cod. Vitt. Em. 1631.[


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Sep 7, 2015
V.F. was a great painter, the most extravagant in Livorno, but painting for him was just a hobby. His great passion was mathematics. Very few are aware of his studies that he could carry out thanks to the discoveries made at Valle Benedetta. V.F. had free access to all the church premises and in one of his explorations he came across a strange object. He secretly studied that object and with its help he managed to elaborate an incredible theory that showed how the speed of light was not the highest present in the universe. In V.F. opinion there was a form of higher speed and of this he was so sure to entrust all the papers relating to the study to a lawyer friend, a certain lawyer Gelati, in order to carry out a notorious act to be deposited in the pretest, so that in the future nobody could take away to V.F. the merit of discovery. It would be very interesting to retrieve such documents, it is said that the copies of that research were kept by the Gelati lawyer at his villa built at the foot of the towers called "the Three Mills". Unfortunately the price of the discovery was very high for V.F. which because of the constant contact with the machinery was hit by strong radiation that determined the premature death of V.F. for tumor. Ma V.F. was not the only one to be contaminated, even his friend sculptor with whom V.F. confided (Vincenzo Gatto) suffered the same fate. Vincenzo Gatto was so impressed by the machine that he placed his ear to listen to some sort of music coming out from the object. He stayed for a long time leaning on the object, fascinated by the music and sounds and the warmth he felt in his ear. But this caused the formation of an ear cancer that led Gatto to death.
However, before dying, the two artists succeeded in ending the wonderful works the romitone wanted. Now these marvelous artists are immortalized among the most prestigious mirrors in the romitone room.
V.F. was a great physicist and mathematician who was attracted to the Valle Benedetta as the metal is attracted to the magnet. All this happened in the '70s. History wants everything to repeat and everything continues to this day, to such an extent that recently a new inhabitant who has strangely found himself in an apartment near the room that hosted Commander Leale Martelli has settled down to the Valle Benedetta. It seems that this new inhabitant is a well-known nuclear physicist at the University of Pisa, author of numerous articles on the subject. He seems to be attracted by the parallel energy that he perceives throughout the area.
This character perlusters long and wide the whole area in search of further hints. The scientist is strongly convinced that there are mysterious forces in the Valle Benedetta. He is also extremely convinced that an alien base can be hidden in the hills of Valle Benedetta. The inhabitants of Valle Benedetta are very curious about this character, sometimes they question him about his work. On the other hand, members of the confraternities are very worried, they fear that the scientist may one day find something ....