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Sep 7, 2015
Father Colombino Bassi in 1689 received from the archbishop of Florence Morigia all the priestly orders and in April he celebrated his first mass. In July he entered his will into the solitary cells, built in caves inside a mountain. He remained here for about three years, subjecting himself to every possible abstinence and sacrifice. In this period he had the opportunity to meet a very old hermit, custodian of a great secret. Before becoming a cloister, this hermit managed a famous and luxurious Turkish bath in Livorno, where he had brought oriental refinements and fashions. This old hermit, a former businessman, was originally Hermene and was called Antonio Bògos Celebì. The old Armenian hermit shared the same cave with Colombino and in the long days of solitude he used to tell the story of his adventurous life. Before he died, the old Armenian hermit confided to Colombino that during the years he was running the Turkish bath in Livorno he had heard a story about a certain Florentine knight of Malta, who became governor of the city of Livorno, managed to take possession of the famous Bible Catara, where it was reported a mysterious journey made by the Templars minutely described in all its most secret details. In this bible it was described that the Templars brought from Egypt, as well as relics and treasures, even a strange device where there was a demon who had the power to move his victims back in time, until the events changed. This diabolical device, along with other relics, was located in the hills of Livorno, hidden in an old monastery. The story of the old hermit was very enthralling Colombino Bassi who decided, after three years of spiritual retreat in the caves, to leave the enclosure to reach the wild hills of Livorno, in order to find the device that could travel in time and change events , so as to allow him to go back to the time when his father lost his life in the siege of Mersina in Turkey, during one of many Russian Turkish wars...
Father Colombino Bassi was co-founder of the Benedetta Valley together with Nobile Huygens. Both were looking for eternal life but with different goals. The noble Huygens did not want to die because he wanted to enjoy his immense fortunes forever while Father Colombino Bassi wanted immortality until he had destroyed Turkey or until someone had done it for him. Antonio Huygens and Colombino Bassi were very close friends, so the noble Huygens, in honor of Father Colombino, wanted to place a case with a small statue of Colombino Bassi on the main entrance door of the villa. This statuette, still visible and well preserved, is an exceptional find because it depicts the father faithfully in appearance and especially in the face.
A clarification: the old Armenian hermit told Father Colombino Bassi that a knight of Malta was able to get his hands on the Catara Bible but his story was quite confusing, next time it will be my duty to clarify how Antonio Martelli (knight of Malta) intercepted the Catara Bible.

In attachment villa Huygens with the small statue of Colombino Bassi on the main entrance door.



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Sep 18, 2016
Hi All, watching this photo of Villa Huygens has to be said it shows the exact landscape that could be seen in the past from that place.
A slice of Livorno and the sea can be noticed between the building and the trees. Nowadays we can only see many trees and various plants. The landscape has changed, that's why the photo has been readjusted by our Little Doctor who surely wanted to make You spectators of a historical realistic wiew.

Now, I'd like to say that weeks ago I got the information about a forthcoming Templar Chapter taking place in San Gualberto Church so at time of the fixed date of the event (saturday morning- september 22, 2018) I reached Valle Benedetta, but unfortunately the doors of the Church were closed - I arrived too late in Livorno. The ritual meeting was already begun. After a long waiting out I saw all the Templars and some guests go and have Their lunch in a restaurant near the church. I also had my lunch at a very close table to Them and I have been hearing very interesting speeches about a tunnel that They found somewhere around that place. My target is now get the proof of that tunnel as it is an important part of the entire story as we know; I have to find out that it really exists.
There were many people at that fraternal lunch ; someone of Them was surely a historical teacher or writer, engineer, professor of some esoteric knoledge or a high scientific expert. Part of Them looked like serious and spiritual souls . Following this my meditation has to be said that among Them I saw a famous man. I recognized him , a professor who use to speak about , as he say, "the other story of the reality", the story who most of the people don't want to hear, to believe, to realize as true due to it is too much uncomfortable.
In the web his videos are popular and there is even one of these where he speaks about Templars - below one of the various links
(notice that the Television Director who appears at the beginning of the video has the same surname of our Professor - a coincidence )

and this is one DVD realized by Him years ago just on Templar topic :

All this to tell the importance of this story written by Little Doctor that carries powerfully to ancient and hidden truths that belong
only to whom are in position to keep them respectfully guarded.

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Jun 7, 2018
Hello everyone! I would like to report a curious fact ... last week I was at the cemetery of the church of San Gualberto and from the left outside I looked towards the mountain "La Poggia" and this appeared very far from me (the trees were in fact quite small).
After walking a hundred meters towards the church, I positioned myself at the entrance of the church and, observing the mountain "La Poggia", now seemed very much closer to me! The trees were visibly bigger! A distance difference not justified by only 100 meters traveled to reach the church from the cemetery!
It seems to be as if the church emanated a particular sort of “energy” that causes a magnifying glass effect, distorting what you see around it ... for example seems to be like when you look through an intense source of heat... Indeed, the church stands right on the apex of a pyramid ...