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Nov 23, 2016
As I've watched political and world events unfold (as we speak Russia is again bombing in Syria), I recall an uncanny conversation that took place right here on Paranornalis... that frankly scares the crap out of me.

Our friend from Florida (security Jim or timetraveler_0) said that it was the LDS whom made the call to Putin to bomb the US.

I find it unnerving who Trump is considering as Secretary of State. Mitt Romney... Was Florida security Jim, a.k.a timetraveler 0 right? Is it coming true?

I mean... I know the war is coming. Biblical prophecy is accurate...

I just have to wonder if he was right, and the war will be in fact the fault of the LDS.

I have since become inactive in the church because I could never shake my belief in the rapture. And, I have to also wonder if the LDS aren't raptured because of this. For beginning the war. Because, in the LDS faith, they already know they will endure the tribulation. But, scripture does state there is escape from it.

Just lots of questions I have as I watch it all unfold...


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May 24, 2012
I'm a pre-trib rapture believer as I believe all good has to be completely removed from this world for evil to run it's course, otherwise there will be too many having the answers to the questions that are being asked. Raptured people can be explained away as losses due to a doomsday event that had happened...they were burned in the fires, drowned, or fallen into the giant sinkholes...who knows. It is interesting to see how things unfold.