Collective for mind states and parameters/limitations

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I guess what I’m trying to figure out/devise is a database of what states of mind are possible. And what characteristics and qualities are specifically isolated to each one and which are not and share similarity?
Ideally one day I’d like to have a pinned forum article on the matter for newcomers to see as a guide book of parameters for the self/minds abilities
I do not claim this info is 100% accurate as of right now and would like feedback to assimilate truth

lucid states (dream)
astral states (out of body)
trance (focus induced)
meditation (higher self induced)
channeling/manifesting (intent)
chemically induced (psychedelics)
Audibly induced (frequencies)
Light induced

Some questions:
-What state of mind/self have you experienced?
-What differences in these states (the ones you’re experienced in) do you notice?
-What Is your motive to contact said entity if you are channeling? Or was it accidental/something else?
-Are these states of mind or self cross dimensional or timeless? For example say that you talk to a disembodied soul and they are giving you information. Is this for your correct timeline/dimensions? Or are they possibly talking about you in a different parallel universe timeline and there’s a marginal error rate for these experiences to be accounted for and which state of mind you came to this conclusion about?
-(same question almost) Can higher frequency entities see past time, and different parallel dimensions or whatever and see through to your true current incarnation/existence at this moment in time of your self to give accurate information?

just a start because I’m overloading my brain this second trying to collect all this information stored in my head over years of reading and research and experience but I’m going to collect your insights and add them to this in-exhaustive list

what state and what characteristics??
-similarity of a umbilical cord to your body to astral body linking you
-dimensionless or ability to navigate to different dimensions
-complete freedom of all axis of astral self in a like real existence or seemingly similar but a parallel dimension
-entities may attack or leech onto your astral body
-ability to seek higher knowledge in this state
-beware of this potential danger in this state
-don’t die in this state or you’re dead in your incarnated body
-never detach from said cord or whatever.

I’ve read so many really.. so many more. I’ll add to the list as my brain cools a lil and allows more info to flow out of the memory bank. And as your contributions Help. Please contribute anecdotes, links, references, books and info you think could be important facts you’ve experienced and which state of mind/self you were in and what phenomenon is going on. Thank you for your time and possibly your contribution. I tried to frame out the idea of collectively getting data from everyone’s experiences to assimilate what is possible in which state I guess, as I can’t find any condensed material like this
I tried my best to lay that out but there’s so much missing from this page still. So I apologize if anything is askew or out of line. I intend to update these lists as I get feedback. And I appreciate everyone’s help for this post Thank you all