Schematics Cosmic Diode


Dec 15, 2005
From the old T.E.C. website archive.

In regards to time travel the cosmic diode is probably one of the most awesome machines ever to be built. As a matter of fact there is nothing that the cosmic diode cannot do, provided of course, that one's actions are in accordance with gods will. If their not, I'd hate to say what might happen. However great care should be used when operating this working device. As will be seen, the working principles behind this machine are extremely simple, but when trying to build this device, it can be next to imposible. Anyway here are the items that must be obtained:

1. One 250.000 volt tesla coil.
2. One Hyper Dimensional Resonator.
3. One 3 x 1 inch samarium cobalt magnet.
4. One 12 x 12 inch glass globe.
5. One vacuum pressure pump.
6. One tank of argon gas.
7. One 12 inch steel support rod.

To begin with, items 2, 3 and 7 are first mounted into the glass globe. The 12 inch steel support rod is used to help brace the samarium cobalt magnet, or in other words, to keep it from moving. The final result will look like this:


As illustrated above, the high frequency electricity generated by the 250.000 volt tesla coil, is to be transmitted through one end of the electromagnet, and on into the glass globe by way of the core element. In other words, the core element inside the electromagnet, feeds the electricity through the 1.618 cm gap space, where it is then picked up by the samarium cobalt magnet. This process recycles itself when the electricity is transmitted back to the core element through the 12 inch steel support rod.

So basically, once activated, this in turn will amplify the electromagnetic, electrical, and gravitational field which are given off by the cosmic diode, and sense the fields inside the glass globe are in resonance with the 1.618 value, this will cause the fields which surrounds the person's body to be pulled towards the zero vector, thus causing his brain waves to oscillate at 7.8Hz c.p.s. When this occurs, the person who touches the glass globe can then transport himself physically to any time period he chooses, provided of course that his intensions are pure.

As for the argon gas, this is fed into the glass sphere by means of a plastic tube. It should also be pointed out, that the outer portion of the electromagnet and the 12 inch steel support rod should be well insulated. If their not, the electricity arking to the rod could short out the cosmic diode. Not only that, but if the electromagnet is not fully insulated, it could blow your H.D.R unit to kingdom come! The next step to take, is to learn how to operate the cosmic diode.

How to operate the Cosmic Diode

There are three steps in operating the cosmic diode. These steps are given in the following manner:

Step 1: Set up the location rates for the physical body and soul on the H.D.R unit. Next, program the H.D.R. unit for the year or date that you wish to travel to. Now all you have to do is activate the cosmic diode and place your hands over the glass globe. If everything is tuned and programmed correctly, you should then be transported to the date selected instantaneously.

Step 2: This step is identical to the previous one, only this time instead of placing up the rates for the physical and soul, you simply place up the rates for the year or date that you wish to travel to. The cosmic diode is then activated in the same manner described previously.

Step 3: Set the dials on the H.D.R. unit to the highest possible setting, or in this case 100-100 and activate the cosmic diode. Next, while touching the sphere, concentrate on the year or date that you wish to travel to. Try to visualize this as much as possible, and if you've done everything correctly, you should be then be transported in no time at all.

Note: Steps can be made to increase or amplify the results given off by the cosmic diode. In other words, all you have to do to increase its output, is to insert a quartz crystal into the specimen well on the H.D.R. unit. As I have stated before, this will increase the output to such an extent, that you should be able to accomplish anything.