Could America Vaccinate Itself Right Out of Existence?

steven chiverton

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I've never taken a flu shot, I've never had a vaccine, I've never had to undergo a form of government issued vaccine for influenza that entailed treatment's to "build immunity".
Not even as a baby.
I've survived them all, with no complications.

The first thing people do when confronted by a virus is go directly towards a government issued vaccine.
By then, there are already multiple mutations of the same virus.

If you really believe a vaccine created by the same people who created the virus will save you, then you're completely lost.

Yet, people still believe that these super viruses are from animal's.
No, the outbreaks are just event's that have high ratios to contract through certain breed's.
In this case, a bat; dieses that potentially concur.
Yet, it is a form of sars again.

Only a fool would believe this vaccine will help.


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I'm 36, so my chances of dying from COVID are 0.001% or something.Sure the chance of side effects from a vaccine may be small but the chance of me dying from COVID is also very small.The Pfizer vaccine long term safety study is not complete until January 2023, there were no animal studies testing, I don't agree with COVID vaccine passports and having to check in everywhere.Nobody in their right mind should be taking the COVID vaccine and should be opposing the COVID passports at all costs as it will lead to a Chinese style social credit system.
Yeah, and for anyone not concerned about these vaccines being pushed then read this scary news article interview of a former top Pfizer executive: