Could Dean Kamen be John Titor?

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Dec 10, 2016
Has anyone seen the documentary "Slingshot" about Dean Kamen's invention of a water distillation unit? At the end of the documentary, he makes some very pointed comments about wishing for a time traveling machine-- the one machine he wanted to make but didn't believe it possible, as of yet anyway. Seeing this made me think of the Titor postings in which he discusses the IT/Ginger invention, as it was known then. Titor drew attention to IT intentionally at least twice. And the "motorized scooter" prediction was one of the few that drew the most attention.

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Just curious….what does everyone think of “IT”? (ginger)

And later...
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(Interesting, if you are from the future, you could tell us just exactly what IT is. Since no one will know for sure until probably 2002 according to news reports. The picture that I saw on of what they thing IT is did not seem to impressive.))

I suppose this question is my own fault. As a time traveler, I am expected to know every winning horse and hot stock as well as the weather in all parts of the world at all times. I was genuinely interested in your opinion of how “IT” was being presented and advertised. Do you feel manipulated? Do you think it’s really a big deal? Do you like the way the news is dealing with it?

Also,I believe he later said he would like to have a "lengthy" discussion about "IT" but no one seemed to be interested in taking up the conversation.

This is what really piqued my curiosity:

The Return of Dean Kamen

Fuel Cells! How many times did Titor mention investing in Fuel Cells? The Segwey was apparently supposed to run on hydrogen fuel cell:
"I told her Kamen’s invention was a hydrogen-powered scooter that ran on a Stirling engine and explained that the real innovation was the engine, since it could be used to power stoves in developing countries and provide almost inexhaustible power."

The article goes on to explain the author's theory (the author who Kamen wanted to sue for guessing what "IT" was before it was released to the press...) about why the Segwey was released without that feature.

It's possible they are interesting coincidences, but watch the documentary and notice the passion on Dean Kamen's face when he is talking about time traveling. IMO, If there was one person who could pull off the Titor Hoax, it would be Dean Kamen (Sorry Larry Haber. No offense).

I was never satisfied with the "hoax reveals" of the past. This, however, makes the most sense to me. Has anyone else speculated on this or have any thoughts?
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