could someone give me schemes of the simplest time machine?


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i saw you two liked my prior comment so here’s the results from a flyback transformer powered spark gap Tesla coil (sgtc) I whipped up and using a 4w laser to shoot the gap.

I tried this once when I was younger with a less powerful handheld laser and nothing happened to the gap and I had no results.

In this case however with a more powerful laser I was indeed able to get the spark gap to nullify. I took readings of time using a digital clock and analog watch. I did not find a shift in time and the only other option would be to use a gravity clock or pendulum to verify results.

the process of experiment was about 30 mins of me shooting the laser at the gap. I did this literally until my battery for laser died. I used a blue laser seated in a heat sink and Ice cooled it. I used a voltage/amp regulated laser driver. The laser was about 4w power.

the Tesla coil driven by flyback was powered from a 12v 17ah battery. That went to a zvs flyback driver with two caps and two mosfets (among other things on the board) from the board This ran to my flyback. Flyback ran to a 30k doorknob cap and one end from the cap went to the primary. And the other end of the cap went to my spark gap. The second end of my spark gap went to my other end of primary.

when given power This caused a zvs pulse of high voltage at the spark gap which ran through the two exiting wires. One side runs through the primary. This is the entire purpose of the whole system. For Tesla coils. To get a pulsing field at the primary that the secondary can pickup from induction I believe from the changing field through the air bearing.

from here. I can only speculate I either performed something incorrectly that made my results not successful or that the concept is a hoax. I can speculate changing from a zvs to another type of waveform driver instead but with as many options that are possible I’d like some direction. I can also try having a magnetically quenched spark gap?? I dont know I’m just shooting in the dark

If anyone has any ideas or recommendations I can happily do my best to follow through. Please show me the direction I need to take in order to replicate a experience that actually works. A legit schematic or analog schematic whatever. Just lemme know

sorry if I noobed on anything. I’m just a amateur learning!

thanks guys!

here’s some pics
Something I wanted to show you and let you know. Those crazy people that did the remake of H.G. Well's time machine must have really done their homework. They got the formula right on using a channeled energy photonic source, to strike and become homogenized through a set of rotating Fresnel lenses. If you get the power amplification just so, the right intensity, this created a special relativity light enhanced by energy sphere.

In other words, this is a traveling oblate, or like a weaving shuttle that pulls itself through the fabric of time.

Just this video is something to think about if you ever get it to work. Best damned series of operation time and space light physics that I have ever seems. Regards and keep happy.


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I heard that quantum experiments can change time and space. But I don't know how.
What one has to understand here, is that if one is generating an isolated location range of frequencies, then that frequency of energy is assigned to that creating location and no-where else. So one must envision energy states, plus location housing those produced energy states.
This is more or less how this would be accomplished. Here's some links to look over and ponder. Regards and welcome to Paranormalis
Special relativity - Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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some of this sounds a bit like what mad man marcum did he fired a blue dvd player laser into the spark gap in his jacobs ladder and it created some small opening and he threw a screw through it and it vanished and reappeared somewhere else