Covid 21 and the Fall predictions

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The problem at the moment is that while we have seen this kind of brainwashing before, it has never been this bad before. A recent-ish example involves the Nazi rise to power. This is being copied on throughout the west and China. The west intends to lock up it's own people while china wishes to lock up the people of others.

Left: China and the Uighur. Right: A train car from Auschwitz (Photo taken by me back in 2018. I'd only gone in 2018 due to one of my predictions about the trip becoming impossible if I left it too late) Bottom: Political Prisoners being loaded into these cramped cars. (Not only Jews.)

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You can already see the implementation of Nazis style ideas within China, and to some degree within the west. In terms of the trains, at the moment the closest we have is buses in Australia.

Informants for the Gestapo

Essentially you get in trouble for talking bad about the government. In China they have a mechanism to deal with that in Social credit, though I've heard of cases where if enough damage is done to the CCP, you go missing. Here, if you dare oppose the government you can still get arrested or thrown into a Mental Asylum.

I think we're seeing the convergence of several different issues. One, being China's will to conquer the world according to their own prophecies. Two, companies getting so powerful to the point of wielding more power than entire governments, which in itself is a symptom of late stage capitalism and the decline of the civilization. And three, the rotting of civil liberty and the erosion of democratic governments into dictatorships. It's hard to say whether or not the west would have still fallen should it have not been encouraged to. On one hand you have the fact that this was planned for a very long time, and secondly that there are more minor factors at play. I'd say it would, but maybe not quite as fast.

I think we are already at a point of civil immolation to be honest. Our civilization is falling apart and people are actively helping it along. I dunno what it's like in the states, but it's getting awful where I live. I had a teenager stare at me and tell me to put a bloody mask on (I'm legally exempt), while walking along a path littered with these signs trying to get mask wearing. Not only that but people are fighting over it and the whole issue about what the government is doing is incredibly volatile. (Can be seen in this thread as well.) Australia used to be a land of mates not giving a care to the world and bitching about the government. Now we bitch about our mates in our land and not giving a care to what the government does.
Do you know what really baffles me?!

These people who are and have been in control of this event that is plaguing the free nation states have been openly discussing their plans to over throw US position of global power and allies/any capitalistic nation that falls in line based off the published Marxist/Communist Manifesto laid out many years ago adjusting through the years to adapt to complex changes in target societies. They go into great detail about how they plan to execute their objectives.

sickening how anyone could stand by and support living under a government/communist control when history has shown that it's a very evil thing. Those in our free nation states who believe it's cool or hip to support Marxism/Communism for the supposed image of " wokeism" will surely regret that they ever did support this movement ( knowingly or not or just plain ignorant to the fact )when they're starved, controlled and eventually purged themselves because these people want what's going yours. Control over you and yours. They don't want to share it. China made that clear in a speech given by one of the military commanders not to long ago.

"The humanitarianism within would guide us to warn you to just get out of the way "

ive been doing a light amount of research and reading but these articles are somewhat interesting but sickening.

Id agree with you one hundred percent to stand with my hypothesis. I've been interested in this topic since I was very young.

Marxism Manifesto Preparing US Overthrow

Communist Party USA

AUS Marxist History Lessons

Do not forget the Bolshevik Revolution


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Also the Bolshevik Revolution is another interesting area of history to research.

Sorry I messed up my posts. I'm still learning this forum. Have not figured out how to delete oopsies. I went to edit my last post but it made duplicate posts

My apologies Moderators. I will be more careful next time.


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Since everyone's a victim now, I like to call the woke kids "victims of public education".

...but getting back to the covid and protests topics...

Thursday through Saturday I was feeling a little off and edging towards sick, but it kept going away later in the day. With my long term health problems, this isn't a new thing. My immune system was diagnosed as burned out 14 years ago. Sunday hit me really hard and knocked me over. Monday and Tuesday haven't been too bad. The thing is, I've been living in a state of semi-quarantine for nearly a decade. Last time I went out was a couple weeks ago. Since what I caught didn't feel like the usual cold or flu, it was probably the highly contagious covid delta... from my incoming snail mail (being the only outside things that I've touched).

So with my burned out immune system, am I really that worried? I'm one of "those" people who would end up in the hospital, then an induced coma on a ventilator, then dead. Filling in the missing pieces from the above paragraph, on Sunday I stepped up my colloidal silver intake to about 1 liter per day and went on the Bob Beck Blood Electrifier all day (I normally use those daily at about 30-60min/day in much lower dosages). That's why starting on Monday, things weren't too bad. I knocked the virus down and what's left of my immune system will mop up the rest, usually taking a few days.

I've had covid twice last year and this is the first time this year. I should have been dead 3 times now given my medical history.

Those who have been paying attention should have realized by now that we have viable treatments for nearly every virus and bacterial infection out there... but that would break government control and destroy a $100 billion chunk of the prescription drug cartels.

(sarcasm) Now, we just can't have that now can we??? (/sarcasm)

If I snuck into the ER quarantine section of a hospital with several gallons of silver, gave it to every patient there, and sent them all home in a few days... I would be called a racist, bigoted, hater for saving their lives and would be thrown in prison with the key shattered. The story would also be buried or highly manipulated by the MSM. The MSM would lose their over sensationalized stories and viewers... and they're all government worshipers, anyways.

So... (and I say this to anyone and everyone in general, not just the people here) If you really want to send protests into overdrive for the right reason, tell them there's an easy cure, show them there's an easy cure, and then turn them loose. Nobody had to die, nobody had to lose their job, small business owners didn't have to go under, our (back) taxes (as in trillions in more debt) never had to go up, we didn't have to hit monetary inflation, our governments didn't have to crack down on us in an egotistical power trip. (And for those who've had family/friends hurt or killed by covid and related infections, y'all really have my sympathies.)

Hello! My name is MODAT7, and I have a lot of issues with governments and today's society.

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Benjamin Fulford had also a lot of conspiracy theories about Australia in his last report. But you can read yourself:
US, Australian, and UK authorities took action in Australia after it turned out all sorts of politicians had been blackmailed and/or bribed to hand the country over to China by a combination of Chinese Communist and Rothschild/Rockefeller intrigue. This was part of a deal they had made to hand Australia over to China in exchange for the continued support of the “Biden” regime.

Here is a concrete example: Premier Daniel Andrews of the State of Victoria signed up to China’s Belt and Road Infrastructure initiative behind the back of the federal government. Also, after suffering a “back injury from falling down the stairs” he put his state under the longest and harshest “Covid” restrictions in the world.

Daniel Andrews secretly signed a controversial deal with Beijing

Conspiracy theories emerge Victorian Premier Dan Andrews was bashed

This is the true story as revealed by Australian intelligence sources:

“Daniel Andrews has a Chinese mafia business partner in the background. Multiple millions have been funneled to Andrews for green-lighting numerous projects in Victoria (Funds from his Chinese handlers).

Andrews was caught in a hotel room with the young daughter of his Chinese boss. (could it have been a setup?) He was beaten close to death. His head was badly bruised resulting in a fractured skull. His vertebrae and several ribs were fractured. He was almost paralyzed. He was told that from that day onward he was their boy and must do everything they told him. (His wife knows the truth of what happened). Failure to abide by orders from his CCP handlers means certain elimination for him and his family. As Andrews was told, ‘accidents happen every day’.

Now you understand the reason for shutting down the construction industry for 2 weeks in all of Victoria. Look at the riots that are taking place. Watch carefully what group comes back to work. Andrews must push the Vax on all Victorians. These are his marching orders”

Construction industry forced to shut down

Now you know why such unreported (in the propaganda media) scenes like this are taking place every day in Australia.

Australia: Complete media blackout and servers down in Victoria today! This is what they don't want you to see

The sudden flurry of shallow earthquakes in Australia is also related. Pentagon sources say the earthquakes are all related to the destruction of underground bases there. An Australian agency source explains “Australia contains the major underground facilities in the world, which are built like underground hotels where the Global Elite planned to take shelter after they implemented their original global extermination plan and then only come out once the dust settles.” No more.


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Fantasy Prediction : the gov pushes hard ( as they are ) to convince people to inject themselves.

2. It doesn't work out the way they expect

3 . They configure Holocaust 2.0.

4. I'm left smiling between the flames of hell because they could never recreate the natural hell I lived through already which means I do not care which savagery they bring at me personally.

5. My eulogy is read and for no reason am I remembered even by those who have claimed they have loved me.
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I just realized this thread still exists. And that we are still halfwayy into the Fall. How much of this came true?