COVID vaccines cause miscarriage & birth defects

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Okay^^^All joking aside,
I have had all the shots because of my high risk factor and unusually low immune system.

I used to get ill with some sort of bronchial virus every year like clockwork,
the doctors knick-named it "The Crud" and I was given some very hard Penicillin-type drug which was yucky.

I haven't had anything like it now going on a few years. Weird to me now....But I don't miss becoming ill.

Was it the Vax that made this happen? I don't really know....Or care really.

What I DO know is that, I have had ZERO side effects. Period.
But...No two people are the same. (ruling out twins...btw;) )


I had my problematic mother living with my wife and I for a short time during the Pandemic. My first reaction was reject the vaccines when they first came out. I just knew that it was all a farse and that it was being pushed off to easly. Then i came down with Covid 19 and had it really bad. My oxygen dropped to 50 and i went into sepses. Make things worse I am diabetic. It became a life threatening issue. After I got better I still wasn't going to get the Vaccine but the rest of my family seen what it did to me they got scared and wanted the vaccines my mother was pushing it on to my wife and my kids. I relucantly caved in and agreed. 8-9 months after getting my vaccine I had a heart attack and my LAD was blocked by more than 80%. I had 4 other blackages. Kind of strange considering 5 years prior I had testing and the Cardiologist said my heart was strong and everything looked good and no blockages.
A close friend of mine who is a VET was a combat medic. He wasn't going to get the Vaccine saying he didn't believe nor trust the government. He came down with covid at the same time I did. We theorized since we were both around each other at a casino, that, that was were we got it at the same time. It landed him in the hospital for almost 2 weeks. Keep in mind he is in his mid 70s. My vaccine was Pfiser. My friend, he later took Johnson and Johnson. Few months ago he had a massive stroke. So idk people. Kind of strange. I have some one that I know who works in a medical based field. This person told me the medical community knows the vaccines are no good and that they are causing massive miscarriages and other medical conditions but they have been ordred to stay silent about it. I was told the medical system has been weaponized against the population. It sure looks like it from my stand point.

I also wanted to add something. I am curious when or if others had covid if they had covid dreams? During my time dealing with the virus, i was running 104, 105 temps. So i am sure those high of temps can make a person a little out of place. I swear this virus was unlike anything i had ever had. I had crazy covid dreams and about the virus itself. My wife btw was with me the whole time and never got the virus. She never got covid and she took care of me. We concluded the reason she did get it is because she takes high doses of Hydroclhorquine. I know i spelled that wrong but she takes that med for her illness. Thats the only reason we could think of as to how she didn't get it/ She was down by my face when i was running a high temp, she was helping to take care of me yet she never got it. So those that say that med can't help , it did in my openion. Another interesting aspect of my condition with covid. The treatment i had, my doctor i kid you not was from China and from Wuhan and they gave me a Plasma based fusion. Which i thought was very odd. The whole thing was off and very odd.

No dreams, just the flu and it didn't hit my lungs. I had a pulsox device and my oxygen was fine. Still no regrets. Young people are starting to drop like flies from heart attacks. I'm sorry you were hit hard. Being sick is never fun. Whether or not to get the vaccine is always a personal choice, but I feel I made the right one for me, especially knowing what I know now. Incidentally, I couldn't get anitbodies because Biden had just banned them from Florida for no reason, but I made it through doing self care. I had 50% taste/smell for 4 months afterwards. When that part started healing, I started smelling smoke. It was odd.


With my burned out immune system, I've had the various strains 5 times now. I keep telling people that large amounts of colloidal silver will easily stop the virus, but nobody seems to listen. Infections 1, 3, and 5 should have put me in the hospital and killed me, but instead I had a bad headache for a few days before the worst of it broke then trailed off. Early last year, #4 was the mostly symptomless variant that started causing me to have slowly building lung problems. Those became worse and somehow I now have heart problems, in addition to left over lung pain. I never took the vaccines for obvious reasons... but I can't help but wonder if the virus was "modified even more" to induce heart problems in a population group that shouldn't have those problems.


Badass ☆。*♡✧*。
I work at an OB/GYN office. I assure you, there are plenty of vaccinated women having healthy pregnancies and babies.

That being said, I don't trust the vaccine 100%. I had a cousin pass away from problems due to blood clots shortly after getting vaxxed. And we all know you can still catch and spread the virus even if you are vaxxed. It should be everyone's personal decision and we shouldn't shame others for making their own choice.

Covid is one hell of a virus, like a tornado - devastating some while unscathing others. Could say the same about the vax, maybe?