Deep State's Agenda for Mankind / 9:11


Something pretty freaky happened to me this morning.

I was on my phone reading a list of things the elites and shadow governments are doing to fulfill their NWO project, thanks to the COVID19 pandemic, in order to put us, the people, to our knees. The objective being a dystopian world where freedom doesn't exist anymore. Think about films like In Time, THX1138, 1984 Elysium, Dredd, etc.

Here's the checklist I was looking at:
  1. Design/test virus up to 2019 [tick]
  2. Release and spread virus 2019+ [tick]
  3. Call for a Global Government to deal with pandemic [tick]
  4. Call for global taxation to deal with pandemic [tick]
  5. Start developing vaccines [tick]
  6. Create demand (scare tactics) for vaccines with world-wide "TV marketing" campaign [tick]
  7. Vaccines will have severe side-effects for some and kill others, so ensure indemnity [tick and on-going]
  8. Weaken economies with Word-wide quarantines [tick]
  9. Promote Bill Gates as Director-General of WHO [on-going]
  10. Continue to weaken economies with outbreaks/local epidemic-hotspots that result in more quarantines []
  11. Roll out vaccines to begin depopulation of the vulnerable []
  12. Insist on some form of vaccine monitoring: app, wrist-band, a digital tattoo []
  13. Out-cry against vaccines as people are harmed and die. Authorities respond: "Well, we expedited vaccines with little animal testing because of urgency" []
  14. Enact laws restricting freedoms of non-vaccinated []
  15. Continue to weaken economies with outbreaks/local epidemic-hotspots that result in more quarantines []
  16. As economies fail, push for mandatory RFID chips (ID2020) []
  17. Introduce word-wide digital currency to replace national currencies []
  18. Begin "zoning" countries for greater control []
  19. Link work to digital currency to RFID chip []
  20. Deep State's global objective achieved: Authoritarian and Dystopian World

Arguments supporting the theory:
Dr Boyle called Coronavirus a bio-weapon, virus cut-and-pasted and spread manually according to virologist;
Gordon Brown calls for Global Government;
UN seek 10% global tax;
Gates has many vaccines in development;
Bill and Malinda are doing a media tour to promote the vaccines using scare tactics;
Previous Coronavirus research is scary: vaccinated animals developed full-body inflammation after exposure to virus;
Gates has stated he wants worldwide indemnity from lawsuits;
Quarantines are resulting in millions of lost jobs globally;
Lindsey Graham suggests Gates should lead WHO;
They have "predicted" Coronavirus will be seasonal;
Media have already suggested some form of ID for those vaccinated;
Microsoft's recent patent link crypto mining with RFID chip and human activity;

The full-page is here (I know, it's on GLP!):
Deep State's Vision for Mankind: The Timeline and Movie Trailer

So, I'm reading this and telling myself it's impossible, it can't go that far. Conspiracy theories, uh! I lock my phone then put it on my desk. The screen turns itself on again, that happens sometimes. It's 9:11. Are you kidding me? I rarely notice those instances anymore, but this one couldn't be any more in-my-face.

What the...