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What is your insight on possible outcomes in 2021?
Share your thoughts....
Deluxe is a adjective meaning luxurious, sumptious, of a superior kind...Did you use a wrong word in error perhaps?


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Maybe IAmThoth refers to the Four of Cups tarot.......After doing a reading?

(It's a long stretch.....)

Its funny you should mention a long stretch Windy, which was a joke regarding an elephants foreskin as being the longest stretch in the World ;) :oops:..


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You can't stop something beyond your pay grade.
How so?

I mean, That really depends on what you're trying to stop.

Stopping a 'Something', really leaves it for further interpretation.


I did stop a rather large corporation (Wells Fargo) from foreclosing my mortgage
during the Great Recession (2008-2010) long before I was re-employed just by
enacting my legal rights against a Large Financial Corporation by documenting everything
and fully recording every voice**, notation and document on the date(s) and time(s) they occurred.
I fought them for 1 1/2 years over a Mortgage Modification they offered by catching them in
their very OWN inconsistencies and Lies with documented proof.

They (A Multi-billion dollar Financial Institute) threatened me.
I laid my HAND down and let them see a bit of what I had (and Still Have) documented.
(as a recently re-employed nobody with only a few dollars to my name whom stood in food lines to eat.)

I beat something well beyond my paygrade.

So, Instead of being sued QUITE PUBLICLY, they modified my mortgage.

**(In Minnesota...It's perfectly legal to record a phone conversation without the knowledge of the caller
ESPECIALLY when documenting financial activities.)

I'm not picking at you....Please don't take it that way. :)

When you said,
You can't stop something beyond your pay grade.

I just wanted to share my story.....
There was a time I actually believed I was helpless against
a SomeThing.