Different dimension or parallel universe?

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Sep 26, 2017
Hello again,

I'm a newbie, so if I'm not posting this in the correct place please let me know. I was wondering if you could give me some insight on what happened to me. I know I'm a bit wacky, but I'm in no way crazy. Here's my story:
I often prepare for OBE work, meditation, lucid dream and/or dream recall. After one such, ill call it session, I had a very vivid peek into another life that wasn't mine, but I was somehow connected to. I met three people. A young woman, late 20's, or early 30's, her 10 year old son? And her baby. She seemed to recognize me or know I was there and validated she sensed me/ saw me? Her son, however, spoke directly to me and said my father is mad because she's going back to him, and I understood that she and I were the same? Connected? Not really sure, but it was confusing. Basically, there wasn't much more, but when I was fully back I had somehow brought her with me. She was there looking through my eyes and my house. Everything seemed brighter, new looking as if I were seeing it for the first time, but I was aware I was there too. Well, this kind of freaked me out and I was telling my beloved about it, who has long since stopped being a skeptic and started to believe me about certain things when I'm able to offer proof. He was calming me down and after about an hour I was able to separate.

Ther's a bit more, but I'd love to know your thoughts, theories and if anyone has experienced something similar.