Do the Chinese really consider 8 to be a lucky number?


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Do the Chinese really consider 8 to be a lucky number?

I was sent the email below only a few hours ago and am wondering whether or not to act upon it. I could certainly use some good luck! Let me know in your replies what you think I should do. Thanks guys!

Hi, my name is Amanda and I am a numerologist. I would like to share this amazing story of good luck with you. As you probably already know, to the Chinese 8 is the luckiest of numbers. It was no coincidence that the Beijing Olympic Games officially opened on the 8th day of the 8th month in the 8th year of the new millennium.

In my work as a numerologist I have been searching for many months since that date earlier this year for a powerful good luck ?mantra? to focus and harness the ?Chi? of the universe upon the person who repeats it. I therefore scoured the internet for the name and title of an individual who had focussed ?Chi? through their significant achievement, and had come to prominence, on the luckiest day of the year the 8th of August 2008.

I found a list of many hundreds of individuals all over the world who achieved great things on this date. To narrow my search further I then had to find a name and title that contained exactly 8 syllables which then had to able to be reduced numerologically to the luckiest of numbers the number 8.

After all the research of those months I discovered only one name and title containing that perfect symmetry I sought. That name and title was Professor Cecil Thistlethwaite. His significant achievement was the publishing of a children?s picture e-book on the 8th of August, 2008 as the web link below will show you

To use the mantra and focus the ?Chi? in your own life you must repeat the name Professor Cecil Thistlethwaite out aloud 8 times in a row and then share this email, in its entirety with 8 of your friends that you wish to also experience good luck! You must complete the sharing within 8 days of receiving this email for the circle of good luck ?Chi? to remain unbroken and have its maximum effect.

Some of the good luck stories I have had reported back so far within 8 days of following these directions have been;
A third division win in the lottery
A woman who found her missing wedding ring 3 years after losing it
A man whose wife had died many years earlier was contacted ?out of the blue? by his old high school sweetheart
A couple who thought they had missed out on their dream home were contacted by the real estate agents saying that the sale with the other clients had fallen through and were they still interested
An old lady who was resigned to the fact that her pet dog was forever lost said he wandered back into her yard thin but otherwise unharmed

I wish you the reader of this email all the luck in the world as you are a person who is kind in spirit and richly deserve it!

P.S. as a thank you to Professor Cecil Thistlethwaite, (who I am sure doesn?t even know I exist, much less that I researched his name) I purchased an online copy of his book. My nieces and nephews loved it and you know the funny thing about karma is that it is often paid back with interest to the one who so kindly paid it forward!

P.P.S. feel free to add (briefly) your own stories of good luck to those examples above, but only if they happen within 8 days of your following the instructions.


Re: Do the Chinese really consider 8 to be a lucky number?

Well, I guess this can have a lot of meaning if one believes in numerology. It's just the same deal as lucky number 7 here. I think you must believe it in order to see it's effects on your life.
I don't know if it can help, but you can take a look to the 11:11 thread.

Anyway, the part about sending this email to 8 person is bull$hit isn't it ?