Do you pray?

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I personally don't believe in the power of prayer, I mean medicine and science have rendered it rather extinct don't you think?

Well, I do get where you're coming from, but one of the most fundamental bases of modern medicine is just how powerful belief and faith are in helping or hindering the effects of drugs.

In fact, any study that doesn't base their entire testing procedure around this is thrown out as "unscientific".


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I've had positive results and prayers directly answered recently, so for me, it's hard to fathom why someone wouldn't want to do it... BUT I would never preach or tell someone to pray. One can only suggest.

I completely agree, Paula. There was a time where I considered myself to be leaning more towards a nonbeliever. Though, I have experienced great blessings as well as great evils in my life. Due to this fact, I would be lying to myself & completely denying important aspects of my life if I said I didn't believe. It's just impossible to do that once you've been through it, you simply can't.

I don't judge others or try to change their beliefs because there was a time when I scoffed at others trying to preach to me, as well. The truth is that it's something that you have to truly feel & experience yourself for you to believe, that's the only way unless you're comfortable with the idea of blind faith. I thought blind faith was silly, I needed proof & I sure got what I asked for!


My contemplative prayer brings every breath closer to God. I start do it in March this year. I didn't search for it. It came to me. I have to say that since March I experience the most amazing things in real life without drugs just doing this deep prayer. I feel in a continue meditation a continue awakening. I hade a ego collapse after a few weeks I start the prayer and my life completely change. I am not going to church I don't attend any religion. I just pray one prayer and I do it with every breath. I have to say that this prayer is not to understand is to feel is not with words or thoughts is with feeling your breath in Your heart looking for Him ! Sorry english problems again :p. "Lord Jesus Christ have mercy on me a sinner" simple as that in the first day u say it 3000 time and u do it for a week in the first few days you get bored u will want to stop it will make u a bit crazy I can't say nothing it did make me to. :)) then you will ask yourself if that make sense because u don't feel like do in it in a holly way but trust me that doesn't matter u can say it like a poem in your head it will have the same effect. In a couple of days after u will feel a pain in your heart and u will ask yourself now if you have a heart diesis but I am shore u don't. Is there where it starts to brake the wall the in more days of do in it wen u will look mental a bit because u will be so happy and busy there inside u You will realise that the heart is opening. At that point being your mind in you're heart and start saying the prayer there. Breve in and say "Lord Jesus Christ have mercy" and keep it there for a second and then breve out and say "on me a sinner". In time you will pray with your heart bit and you can travel the universe and you can see the ward and you will know the truth. Bless Ya all ! :) Love !


This is personal and awkward, but I prayed for a friend and a week later I met another mother and she's exactly what I needed. It's too much of a coincidence. Prayer works.