Do You Think Seeing A Ghost Would Change Your Life?


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Have you ever encountered a ghost and it shook you that you never forgot about that day? Did something change in your life?
The first time I saw one I wass a little rattle but i was 5 so I guess it comes with thhe age and mental state when you see it. Living in a "haunted house' can quickly get one used to "odd things" happening but with sane parents, growing up in one was no more a probblem tthan getting a date for the Junior/Senior prom. Changed me? not that I nor my relatives have noticed over the years.:)

I was thinking more of a serious and more severe encounter, not a glimpse or just 1 second. I meant you saw the ghost for a long time. Just like Constantine. lol

If I saw a ghost for a few seconds I'd be shocked big time but I'd likely end up thinking it was just my imagination.

If I can to have a ghost appear and talk to me, I'd just freak out and shit my pants. I wouldn't know how to react so I assume I'd be afraid, afraid of the unknown. I think it'd probably be a pretty scary experience.
I saw the "thing while being fed, now ggiven the fact I was probably hungry, my attention to "it" was less than it shoud have been but "it' just sat on the bed about 3 feet away, and did nothing, after a while, "it" just vanished.
What I saw passed me in daylight hours and looked as real human as anyone. When I turned around and looked it was gone.
Ok.. consider this... Some people consider roller coasters scary. Some people consider them to be exciting. But they usually only last for a short time period. Do you think that being on a roller coaster for an hour would change your viewpoint on it? I've personally been on a helicopter doing combat manuevers over hostile territory and that ride lasted 45 minutes.. which is more thrill than you're going to get out of any roller coaster. And the end result was that I wasn't any more sick in the stomach after 45 minutes than I was in the first 2 minutes.

So.. after that long drawn out metaphorical answer.. I'd say no. Seeing a ghost would not and did not dramatically change nor affect my life any more than that 45 minute ride from Hell.
Well I have to say that seeing one did change my life because up until that time everything was just scary stories. They were not real. After that time they were not just stories anymore.