Does Anyone Here Have Experience Streaming on


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I just found out about, and it seems like it’s becoming a contender to Twitch in 2024. I think they reached 1 million users recently, folks say they're having a very rapid growth. I’m curious if anyone here has experience streaming on the platform.

Some people say it's the poor man's Twitch for people who got banned for some reason. Others say it's THE new streaming platform. xQc, a world-class streamer signed a 100M deal with them last year. That sounds nuts!

Here's a quick comparison of the top categories being streamed. Look at the numbers.


If you've tried it before, I'd like to know what you think of it, and if it compares favorably to Twitch.

On my end, I did 1 short stream on there using OBS. I worked well. Mechanically, Kick seems just as good as Twitch, and their UI is very similar.