Does anyone own any of Steven Gibbs Reports? Preserving Steven Gibbs Reports because of stroke.


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people ring Gibbs to order and buy a hdr but he just isent answering his phone so they all come to me asking me for a hdr as ive made a number of them and even hdr kid isent answering some peoples questions to about the hdr when they cant get in contact with Gibbs
I think what you should consider is to build a few of them and advertise them on Ebay.. (y)
Last year you built some of them, and posted them out for our members, free of charge :)
If you sell a few of them on Ebay at least you will recover the money back from those you built last year, and have a few dollars left over to purchase more parts for the next batch of HDR`s to sell :D

brian jj

There is no way you can replicate gibbs machine. everything he puts in there has some purpose down to the brand of tape and the placement of the switches. even some parts of it are astral and not physical. he builds the astral parts with intention. its a finely tuned etheric device

steven chiverton

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Yes. I tried to contact him several times but he is not responding.
the brand of tape gibbs uses is no different than high temperature polymide tape as its job is to insulate from to much heat thats its purpose , the placement of the switches is by choice and preference . as for the intention stuff its a humen emotion like thing and you cannot put that into non living objects and things .

Himalayan Hermit

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There is conflicting info available. Mostly I've heard that unless you use an HDR made by Gibbs himself, it won't work (esp. referring to other companies selling HDR online). But in one interview on C2C AM - he said that he shares the schematics openly, thus confirming that others are free to build it themselves. One thing is that the last thing he was ever interested in - was making money off this HDR unit. The price has remained $360 for as long as the unit's been around.

It's a total mystery and other than Dennis and HDRKid - I've not interacted with a single person who can speak of physically traveling through time with this device. I hope to resume my experiment soon after getting a voltage converter.