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Donovans School of sorcery

Welcome to the Time Travel Forum Chat.
10:15 AM ToxicRevival has joined the chat.
10:17 AM [curious] hey toxic
10:17 AM [curious] r u toxic like britney speers
10:17 AM [ToxicRevival] ...
10:17 AM [curious] do u know who britney speers is?
10:18 AM [ToxicRevival] Toxic Revival is a statement that brings forth the newborn me. The purging of all Toxins and poisons from my body. My Awakening as a sorcerer.
10:18 AM [curious] i see...
10:19 AM [curious] so waht do u do as a sorcerer?
10:19 AM [ToxicRevival] Well, I call myself a sorcerer simply becuase the things I do do not involve ritualistic magic
10:19 AM [ToxicRevival] Such as wiccans, pagans, wizards etc.
10:19 AM [curious] so what do u do then if not magic
10:20 AM [ToxicRevival] To understand how and why. You have to understand the difference between a sorcerer as opposed to a witch or a wizard. Wizard and witches use "magic" through ritualistic magic, Circles, candles, incantations, cantrips...etc. Sorcerers use will power, gathe
10:21 AM [ToxicRevival] ring the natural energy around them to directly effect the physical world.
10:21 AM [ToxicRevival] Wizardry is a more controlled magic as is witchcraft. Sorcery is more powerful but more chaotic.
10:22 AM [curious] so u use your personal energy and the energy around you to do what?
10:22 AM [curious] how do u effect the physical world
10:24 AM [ToxicRevival] In the beginning, I thought it was simply Physical time travel. But that proved to dangerous. So I redoubled my efforts and began to study the power of willpower. Through the use of "Sorcery" and willpower I have achieved limited levitation of objects. Pha
10:24 AM [ToxicRevival] sing of objects through other object of varying densities and the forcefull expulsion of force.
10:24 AM [ToxicRevival] I can also enhance my own abilities temporarily such as Sight, Hearing, strength and speed.
10:25 AM [curious] and u do all this for waht purpose?
10:25 AM [curious] im just curious...hence my name
10:26 AM [ToxicRevival] TO test my own limitation, to find out all there is to find out about the hidden truths of reality. I am toying with the idea of teaching sorcery.
10:26 AM [curious] i see
10:26 AM [curious] do u have a day job
10:28 AM [ToxicRevival] I am currently working three jobs.
10:28 AM [curious] do any of these have to do w/sorcery
10:29 AM [curious] i looked up sorcery online, and it's giving me a different definition than u gave me
10:29 AM [ToxicRevival] No, one is as a security auditor (legal hacker) for a web hosting and colocation company. The other is a web design job for a small IT troubleshooting company, the third is as a circle K clerk.
10:29 AM [ToxicRevival] Is it the biblical definition?
10:30 AM [curious] hold on let me find it
10:30 AM [curious] the belief in magical spells that harness occult forces or evil spirits to produce unnatural effects in the world
10:31 AM [curious] is the ability to weave and cast spells. A time consuming process, each spell must be made specifically for a unique use. Once triggered, a spell is expended, and cannot be repeated without another lengthy process of spell creation.
10:31 AM [curious] Rituals that attempt to control the supernatural for evil purposes. See magic.
10:31 AM [ToxicRevival] indeed that is the common description.
10:31 AM [ToxicRevival] Just like a warlock is a male witch right?
10:31 AM [curious] so u do this for evil purposes?
10:32 AM [ToxicRevival] ..your missing my point. A warlock is commonly mistaken for a male witch. When in actuallity it is a name for someone who has doen great evil to their "coven" and is cast out from the group. A witch is a witch no matter if it is male or female. See my poin
10:32 AM [ToxicRevival] t? Religion warps the true meaning of words.
10:33 AM [curious] well u have to understand that probably 90% of people don't know that there is a differnce between a wtich and a warlock...or really what "magic" or sorcery or whatever is all about
10:34 AM [ToxicRevival] So, if you look up the common deffinition you would think I was evil. When in truth I am a pacifist.
10:34 AM [ToxicRevival] Ever know a evil pacifist?
10:34 AM [curious] so do you get yoru power from spirits?
10:35 AM [ToxicRevival] No...from the natural energy of the world around us and the cosmos. Energy is prevelant everywhere, magnetism, electrical charges, radiation, life.
10:37 AM [curious] so how do u get it, is there a ritual
10:37 AM [ToxicRevival] ...
10:37 AM [curious] like
10:37 AM [ToxicRevival] Can you scroll up to the beginning of this convo and reread the difference between a witch, wizard and sorcerer
10:38 AM [curious] so what's power and gathe
10:38 AM [ToxicRevival] gathe?
10:39 AM [curious] nevermind
10:39 AM [ToxicRevival] In simple terms, I use my willpower and my own energy to gather the energy around me and alter it to effect the physical world. I do this by concentrating, imagining and releasing
10:40 AM [curious] there was this girl in my high school who said she was a witch and did witchcraft
10:40 AM [ToxicRevival] No candles, no words, no writing, no calling upon various gods or directions.
10:40 AM [curious] she said she used chicken bones or something to do a spell
10:40 AM [ToxicRevival] And Ive known alot of witches and I have yet to see them do anything amazing.
10:40 AM [ToxicRevival] Witches use the power of suggestion.
10:41 AM [ToxicRevival] They say they placed a curse or a blessing on someone, give vague details and the person convinces themselves of it like a placebo.
10:41 AM [curious] yeah i see what you're saying
10:41 AM [curious] but she told me that if you place a spell on someone, it comes back to you 3 fold...
10:41 AM [ToxicRevival] I have actually done physical things. I am willing to teach people.
10:42 AM [curious] so what's the point of witchcraft, if everything u do comes back to u 3fold...u can't even cast a spell without hurting yourself
10:43 AM [ToxicRevival] well if you go with the witchcraft idea. Lets say you place a curse on someone to bring bad luck. Since you used up bad karma you will recieve bad luck three times. If you do a spell to get riches, wich is a greedy spell you will become even poorer down th
10:43 AM [ToxicRevival] e road. You may get your riches but you will lsoe them and more. If you do good with your magic good will return three times that of wich you did.
10:44 AM [curious] oh
10:44 AM [curious] so let's say a witch places a good luck spell on me, she will have 3 times the good luck in teh future
10:44 AM [ToxicRevival] yep.
10:44 AM [curious] how do u break a curse? i'm positive i am cursed
10:44 AM [ToxicRevival] Unless she screws up the karma she built by using her or his powers for evil.
10:44 AM [ToxicRevival] ...
10:44 AM [ToxicRevival] are not cursed.
10:45 AM [curious] so then really there's no p oint of witchcraft
10:46 AM [curious] how do u know i'm not cursed
10:46 AM [curious] well actually, i think my bf is cursed and it rubbed off on me
10:46 AM [ToxicRevival] Infact...I will prove it. I will post this log on the board and ask for any witches to attempt to cast a spell on me, be it good or evil. To contend with my natural born powers I will ask for a whole coven to be involved. I will gather the "energy of the s
10:47 AM [ToxicRevival] pell" and send it back ten times the force they spent on me. That way if it is a bad spell they will feel it and if it is a good spell they will benifit. If nothing happens were at a stale mate. But my offer of teaching to members of this board only will s
10:47 AM [ToxicRevival] tand. I fear I may be called insane for this...but oh well.
10:47 AM [curious] you can teach it over the internet?
10:47 AM [ToxicRevival] I dont see why not.
10:48 AM [ToxicRevival] Its just a manner of finding your source.
10:48 AM [ToxicRevival] And connecting to it and using it.
10:48 AM [ToxicRevival] But you have to give back or your abusing it.
10:48 AM [ToxicRevival] Thats why I end up drained for days on end. The power I use I return over time.
10:48 AM [curious] u can't teach osmething like taht over the net...u need someone to physically teach u the meditation and stuff
10:48 AM [curious] how do u return it?
10:50 AM [ToxicRevival] You expell instead of drawing. once you learn how to draw giving back is easy. The only difference is you do it slowly over time. I feel you might put yourself in a coma giving it all back at once.
10:50 AM [ToxicRevival] You know sorcery may be the wrong term. But I am at a lost to call it anything else. So Donovans school of Sorcery is now open and taking applications.


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Donovans School of sorcery

Interesting. Myself, I would prefer to work with Spirit rather than directing it. The Bill at the end of the month is a lot less, imho.


Donovans School of sorcery

psychic abilities...

I wouldn't really consider that to be sorcery...

Then again. I am who and what I am. I do nothing more than what I'm able to.


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I'm really interested in talking with this ToxicReveival person, is there any way I can get in contact with him? This is a really interesting conversation.


I'm really interested in talking with this ToxicReveival person, is there any way I can get in contact with him? This is a really interesting conversation.
I sent him an email. I have no idea if he's still using the same email address though. :)