Dr. Jerry Tennant: Healing is Voltage


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Over the past few years, I have been studying work of Dr. Jerry L.Tennant MD. Below you will find, "YouTube Links"

If you have any interest in healing probably fine the links below extremely interesting. Everyone knows that the brain and the heart your electric impulses that are measured millions of times every day and doctors offices and hospitals. Other parts of the body also admits electric impulses which most people aren't aware of. The human body is alive with measurable impulses in the millivolt range and by monitoring the subtle voltage impulses we can understand the well-being of each organ in the body. You can measure cancer patients and other diseased organs by the subtle voltage impulses recorded in millivolts. Negative millivolts indicate sickness and poor health and positive millivolts will indicate well-being of the organs being tested. He uses, acupuncture points on the body to measure the subtle voltage impulses.

MD Jerry L Tennant MD

You tube Links:

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Jerry Tennant, MD

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it's not voltage,
it's the hidden secondary field within voltage that does the healing

it can exist without a simultaneous presence of an electric field and made much stronger.

this is why alkaline water, colloidal silver, ormus production methods, hho gas, ozone, rife machine, all work.
it's the common denominator
the substances are all carriers of NON-EM energy generated from the electric field of the above.

same reason james clerk maxwell's 300+ quaterion equations outlay non-linear EM effects at high voltages and currents.

means MRI machines in every hospital can be altered to heal every disease known to man. magnetic fields penetrate tissue, electric don't

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