Dreaming of other realities/dimensions...please assist


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Jan 3, 2019
Trying to locate other people who have somehow dreamed of/travelled to the grey cobblestone fountain, glass city...similar locations...
I’ve been doing it since I can remember...

Maybe I’m crazy to try this but...that’s why I’m here‍♀


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Jun 25, 2018
We typically think of dreams as subconscious thoughts and life experiences meshing together. Nightmares would therefore reflect your greatest fears. As you age, your dreams can become less dramatic, or fantastic. For example, when I'm a child I get horrid nightmares of giant distorted figures chasing me, trying to do who knows what... or perhaps I'm an earth worm "stuck" underground as I'm claustrophobic. When I age, my nightmares turn into real-life scenarios of being robbed or screwed over by someone financially. I must say, that is much less interesting - but in both cases, they've produced the same nightmarish effect.

Regardless, we probably know just as much about dreams as we do about time travel - next to nil. As such, I cannot agree that dreams are experiences in other dimensions or realities any more than I could say they are just random synapse firings during REM as a way for your brain to "reset" itself. Heck, we don't even really know WHY we need to sleep - only that if we don't sleep we will succumb to insanity and eventually death.

To answer your question: Sadly no. I have not dreamt of these things and even if I did, it is highly likely I would not recall them. I often forget my dreams unless they were very impactful on me and I thought about them for some time after awakening. Therefore I only really remember fantastic dreams that were meaningful for some reason, or hellish nightmares that awaken me in a cold sweat and racing heart. Also, one time when I was a child I slept on the top bunk bed and I had a dream about falling and when I hit the ground I woke up... ON the ground. I actually was experiencing falling while dreaming about falling - go figure. I didn't die when I woke up, but I did smack my face on the floor pretty good.


Dec 15, 2005
Welcome to the forum! :)

Can you tell us more about these astral places?