Eerie Lights in Russia


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this is definitely a electric problem giving the skies this color. we had a branch one time fall on a electric poll also the same colors. either that or definitely testing something


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I agree with you it does look electrical. In my opinion, it looks like a very large power transformer malfunctioning with a little bit of light fog that is enhancing Corona off the high-voltage power transformer.
Welcome back Prof, ive missed you :)..


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Russia is a UFO hotspot and the Russian government actually had a guy in it who said he knew how to summon
ufo's and no one knows if he was joking or serious. That aside, yeah this one might be a dud.


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I came across this on Twitter, so I can't speak for it's authenticity. Have any of you seen this before? What do you think it is? :alien:
Sounds off worldish, because of the possible power amplitudes. If it's not Russian, it would be from an ET power source.

If it's Russian, it would be in either an intel or deep web source.

I'm sorry, that's too powerful an optic light emission to be testing anywhere near a populated area. If the configuration of the power emission has a spike point, it could kill or blow up something.

Do a deep web search, but don't under any circumstances divulge your sources. You may need them again.

If this isn't CGI or some kind, that's a tremendous amount of power. As best as I see it, Lamdo

steven chiverton

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where did that sound come from , with the bright flashing light and sound the first thing that came to my mind was a plasma speaker but on a larger scale as for the audio sound if its coming from the same source of white flash then something's odd