Einstein's Mouse and Time Travel Theories


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Einstein?s Mouse and Time Travel Theories

Einstein?s Mouse and Time Travel Theories

Source: ?Time Travel Secret Found?, by Paul Howard, Sun, June 19, 1984, Vol. 2, No. 25, page 9.

Supposedly an old research notebook of Dr. Albert Einstein?s was found that gave an account of how he transported mice to the future and past. According to the article the mice were placed in a wooden cage between two metal plates. Then an electric charge was passed between the plates, causing the mice to be transported in time.

According to the old research notebook, Mr. Einstein writes:

?Wilma came back today! She popped onto my time platform in front of me while I was cleaning it. I looked at where her cage was and there she was too!?

?At first I was confused, but when I realized that her appearance meant the sometime in the future I had succeeded. ?Wilma vanished after a few minutes. It felt really great to know with undeniable certainty that I will be successful!?

?Today I stretched the fabric of our universe and sent Rudolph, a mouse, into the future. The machine glowed and Rudolph vanished. About 10 minutes later I turned down the power and Rudolph returned.?

?The most important thing is that the animal was still in perfect health. One day I myself will journey forth into the future!?

The people who had found the research notebook turned it over to the C.I.A. When they tried to get it back after a reasonable amount of time, the government said it belonged to them because Mr. Einstein worked for them at the time.

The theoretical basis for this form of Time Travel is this:

Dr, Einstein believed that since time is a measurement of light, by altering light with magnetism or gravity one also warps time!

Magnetism can be generated and altered by electricity, especially high frequency or high voltage electricity. There seems to be some correlation here between high frequency and time.

I also know at Dr. Einstein?s entire mathematical time formulas and time research books are still classified as top-secret and only through the freedom of information act will is information ever come to surface. Hopefully in the future we all may be able to read his now classified time documents.

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Einstein?s Mouse and Time Travel Theories

I think the theories that TimeBender (a member of the old hotel) spoke about using electromagnets in a circle with a cesium clock seem to be quite plausible, in essence "tricking" space into thinking you're breaking the C barrier. This would be in accordance with Einstein's theory of relativity.

I am working on learning the math required to understand how electromagnets affect gravity in hopes that I can reproduce TimeBenders work.



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Einstein?s Mouse and Time Travel Theories

Originally posted by opmmur@Jun 15 2004, 03:25 PM

I am a little confused with this post. Is the entire piece a quote from the source mentioned? If yes then is seems to be somewhat contradictory, in that the writer initially says "Supposedly an old research..." then later goes on to say "I also know at Dr. Einstein?s entire mathematical time formulas and time research books are still classified..."

Or is this second quote from the Prof? In that case do you have some personal knowledge about these works?

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I highly doubt this was ever anything more than a fun prank someone came up with. Googling Einstein's Mouse turns up this thread as the top result... Nothing else of substance.