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Aug 1, 2016
More and more people seem to accept the existence of the paranormal ;):

Now they contact authorities for elves to explain some car accidents:

A road authority in northern Germany has confirmed that it has attempted to make contact with elves and trolls in order to improve safety on a particularly treacherous stretch of motorway.
Lower Saxony calls in ‘elf commissioner’ to tackle autobahn deaths

If you want to lay a road, build a house, or construct a dam in Iceland, there’s one influential group you have to clear it with first – elves. Oliver Wainwright on the power of the ‘hidden people’

What is your opinion on that?
Aug 1, 2016
I didnt catch up on this news soon enough.

The elf commissioner doesnt want to help anymore :cry: :

Automatic translation:
After fierce criticism from media and users in social networks, the "Elf Commissioner" has now spoken out on her website. "Our intention was to help nature, people, animals and all invisible beings," writes Melanie Rüter. What is happening now is "pure sensationalism". Because her work is based on the level of "love, respect and mindfulness", she is now refraining from the case.

Animal communicator Marion Lindhof is also criticizing: "Apparently honest reporting was yesterday ... PITY!", She writes on her website.
Elves couldn't help

The two women had already contacted the authorities earlier this year. In June they were taken on a control trip between Lehrte and Braunschweig. There the women immediately felt "very sad energies". Among other things, this was due to "angry nature beings" who wanted to get their piece of nature back. Ultimately, the highway was "energetically sealed" to prevent accidents.

It did not work: Only on Monday on the A2 near Peine did a small van hit a semitrailer. The driver was seriously injured.
Source: Ausgezaubert: "Elfenbeauftragte" will nicht mehr auf der A2 helfen
Aug 1, 2016
The soft disclosure seems to be happening in the UK, too. The newspaper metro discussed the topic of elves last week.

But you can read it for yourself. Excerpt:
‘While some people in other countries might regard this as strange, when it comes down to it, it is no different to a belief in a god or in the existence of ghosts, which one finds all over the world,’ Gunnell agrees. For Ragga, the elves and hidden folk serve to remind us all of where we come from – and the environment that we all need to protect. ‘We need to work together and we need to work with them – all the different species of elves and huldufòlk and nature beings and the animals and plants,’ she says, emphatically. ‘We all have to remember, we are all part of this one being – The Earth.’
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Jul 24, 2017
they're all 4th density beings.
the energy in their body allows them to control spacetime
Causes hologram projections, materialization-dematerialization, teleportation, time travel, mind control, phase through matter, etc.

they used to be open with humanity but since christ died, they were all ordered to keep their presence a secret.

there's animals with these abilities as well
whole hidden cloaked 4th density cities all over the world, on the ocean floor, everywhere actually
they invite people they personally like or are related to join them.

most are positive
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