Example of Quantum Tunneling?

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What is an example?

Is a billiard ball traveling through another billiard ball an example of quantum tunneling?
I had an experience a few years ago shooting pool by myself. I tried shooting the balls in sequence. Midway thru my practice the next ball in sequence was blocked by another ball. So I had no shot. So I aimed for my ball knowing I could not hit it due to being blocked by another ball. I hit it as hard as I could and with strong concentration and focus on the shot. The cue ball traveled straight to my ball and hit my ball as though the ball blocking it was not there. I was expecting the cue ball to hit the blocking ball and setup another random shot.
There were 2 other anomalies that occurred during my practice before that happened. The first anomaly was that the table next to me, the door that secures the balls inside the table was laying on the floor. It seemed a hallucination. These were pay to play tables so it was truly strange to see the door laying on the floor. Next anomaly was that my triangle used to rack the balls had disappeared from my table. So I could not rack the balls in practice. I had to randomly place them on the table. There were only 2 tables in this place. And no one was nearby to disturb the tables.
I keep telling myself that I misunderstood or misperceived what I saw. The blocking ball was Halfway in my path to my ball so I’m thinking I just misjudged the position of the ball. But at the time it seemed a weird experience.


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Reductionist scientists may call it quantum tunneling, but this sort of thing actually happens all the time. From my perspective its nothing more than an accidental teleportation. The one thing in common all of these events have whether its the tennis ball that famously sailed through a net in the mid 80's I think (which was televised) or smaller cases is shockwaves.
It is known that over unity can be created by a magnification of shock waves, specifically in kinetic acoustics on a solid sphere creating more energy than was originally put in similar to the water hammer. But it may be related to these other situations.
I've heard dozens of these in my research, credit cards falling through a cup onto the car floor, coins, keys and jewellery falling through drawers or floors either onto the floor or into a lower drawer, the most common one is dropping a coin which then appears to vanish and reappear on the other side of the room. The common factor is shock, all of the items that have been recorded or witnessed to do this have been hit by another relatively solid object first.
There is some kind of geometric harmonic of shock waves that knocks the object out of its current vibrational state, and the vibrational state of all matter dictates where it is within the ether, what time period it exists in, what it's history is, and what timeline it is in. etc
These shock waves in accidental teleportations though only ever seem to bounce a few feet at most from where they were hit the first time and often appear to phase through other objects, like floors and drawer bottoms. However relative to time, I have heard of some vanishing for days or weeks and in one or two cases a second identical object has appeared instead. I am not quite sure what that is, maybe a parallel timeline thing, or it may be that it was noted to vanish from the creators perception and the universe corrected the error by replacing it with a duplicate and then after the shockwaves subside the original returns and then you just have two of the same. The only way to tell the difference would be from an extremely accurate device to measure the duplicates individual vibrational frequency, the second one would have a different timeline history and therefore a different vibrational acoustic.
The strangest one and I have heard this 2-3 times was with food duplicates, someone goes into a subway, gets a sandwich walks out to their car, eats the food, and then another exact copy shows up, but this I think is more a glitch in some ones perception rather than the shockwave thing. Ocassionally people will record these as mandella effects and I can't deny that possibility. Most of my mandella effects are things like staff members changing shifts, or someone coming out of the toilet twice, n stuff like that although I have seen a few movies years before they were released too which is an odd one.

As I have been studying up on keely recently, I think his research might be one of the keys to understanding these shockwave based anomalies. In his model of reality, all things are existing in sets of three acoustics. So, if there is any truth to this and I believe there is then two objects impacting each other at precisely the right angles and velocities would create the potential of two waves rippling into each other in just the right position within one of the objects just long enough to cause a chord making up the third frequency enabling truly spooky action, but not at a distance. It would also explain why the duration of the the teleportation usually lasts only milliseconds, when the chord fades out the vibrational shock waves becomes chaotic again and then the object it would return.
It also explains why this is usually a coin thing, on in your case a ball. Also keys, usually have a spherical side to them, and the tennis ball...It doesn't explain the free subways and mcdonalds though.

As for your triangle and door though, could be any number of human causes there so I don't consider those to be all that weird.


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An example I saw on the Twilight Zone one time was a 2-D being passing through a wall. It has no thickness, so motion in the no thickness dimension doesn't violate any laws.


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An example I saw on the Twilight Zone one time was a 2-D being passing through a wall. It has no thickness, so motion in the no thickness dimension doesn't violate any laws.
Thats not such a bad notion to example the differences between dimensional shifting and to a degree it's correct for some people to see it that way if you are training to walk through walls. The physics of it though comes down to the simple fact that reality is a reflection of beliefs and if someone believes this way then with enough focus that is how it would happen. It would be the difference between the fourth density of consciousness and the third, exactly the same way how ghosts always seem to do it.

I only have one friend who was taught by annubis how to do it and she has done it a couple of times, I haven't really talked to her about his method of teaching, but one method I know off that is supposedly good is to first project your astral form through the wall and then just sort of catch up with it. The feeling from this experience was described as a suction and static shock or tingles, like they were being squeezed through the wall. Far as I know though reaching a permanent gamma brainwave state may be required for this and most of us don't get that far in a waking state and only do so in a near sleep or just awake state and it dissipates as soon as you ground yourself back into the body.

There was mention of a device on an suppressed patent page that describes I think what he called it was an angel ray? Some kind of optical laser array that broke apart the atomic forces holding things in a solid state that caused reflection and refraction so basically he made a flashlight that could see through solid materials, however there was problems with living beings dying or ceasing to function when exposed to the same light, he damaged his hand or arm during his experiments and killed his pet or a neighbours pet and also any electrical devices ceased to function after exposure, his car being one of the first victims, at a certain point he realised it was just too dangerous to continue and destroyed his research but did suggest that a fully funded experiment may enable safe usage in time however the obvious military potential to kill was likely a major deciding factor in his decision to stop.

I have also seen this done by whom was a semi famous magician a half dozen or so years ago, there was rumours he made a deal with the djinn that are known for this kinda of thing, in studying many of his videos looking for evidence I did find one shot with him reaching through a glass jewellery display panel, that part could easily have been some kind of optical illusion but what caught my attention was a part of his skin also appeared to accidentally phase through a cup or something on top of the display at the same time. It leaves me thinking that maybe he did make a deal...(idiot)

But anyway...I have tried it a few times, never had any success though. Weirdest thing I got to do on purpose was blink on and off street lights, and bathroom lights, and accidentally kill multiple computers a year when my vibration was higher and doing more qi gong at the time and two or three times maybe some progress with telekinesis but those were hard to tell. At least when it comes to the physical expressions of "supernatural" magics that had witnesses, thats about it. Reiki and healings and other types of energy work which is my focused area can't really be seen from the outside so wouldn't convince a sceptic. I'm probably the worst gifted of my tribe of weirdos tho, I'm still catching up.