Confirmed Hoax Experimental Time Machine Ready For Testing


Dec 15, 2005
Can't say much more than that. The guy is a stalker who keeps attempting to create fake accounts to lure people and... stalk them. Sometimes, he's able to slip through the cracks and post.


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Feb 8, 2015
Can't say much more than that. The guy is a stalker who keeps attempting to create fake accounts to lure people and... stalk them. Sometimes, he's able to slip through the cracks and post.
Do you feel this thread should be closed now?, after all the whole purpose of it was for that D.M.Paul to talk utter stupidity :)

Physics vs Jaden

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Oct 29, 2015
Hey that sounds like what I used to do, except I wasn't permanently banned...
To be honest, I have no idea why I decided to do that, but I'm happy I did it the first time. Or else I wouldn't have found Paranormalis
Aug 24, 2017
Physicists through proof of concept experiment have verified one of the key prediction of Albert Einstein’s special theory of relativity with unprecedented accuracy. That travelling at least forward in time is absolutely possible via several mechanisms. However for a long time it was believed that travel backwards in time was an impossibility. However after a lot of number crunching it is now accepted in physics circles. That time travel is improbable but not impossible. However this view may changed yet again, when I and a few of my colleagues will test an experimental time machine. The time machine consisting of transistors made from a very special superconductor with unique time distortion properties, incorporated into a Hamble circuit. Will be used to send back in time information. (Sorry no people yet). The Hamble surgery is currently sitting in a refrigerated room and will be transferred tomorrow in to a much cooler room, then attach to a cryogenic supercomputer call Jemima. Jemima will monitor for any anomalies in the circuit over a 20 minute period. After that period we will deliberately cause fluctuations within the circuit. Under normal circumstances these fluctuations would be detected immediately. However due to the transistors we are using that's made from the superconductor possessing time distortion properties when exposed to a magnetic field. We will be generating a 60 Tesla field. There fluctuation should be detected 20 minutes earlier in other words in the past. After the experiment has concluded we will scrutinise the data and if the fluctuations that we generated within the circuit if a deed was detected 20 minutes earlier in the experiment then we will have proven time travel in the past is possible.
Wormhole (Bypass) in Universe:-

It is but a step from such contemplations to a similar analysis of the “Foo” fighters, fireballs, the comet-like objects usually seen in groups of six or eight, and the darting evanescent things seen now and then over Washington D.C. Such phenomena must be considered as most likely due to intelligent manipulation, or remote control, from distant structures, and technically trained observers have often said as much.

We do not entirely rule out a self-contained intelligence, but many of these manifestations have more the quality of something which, for want of an established terminology, we might call the searchlight type of FLYING MACHINE. Many reports have described objects or FLYING MACHINE’s as appearing to have been operated by remote control. I believe that they are exactly that.

It is by no means clearly established that all apparently self-luminous phenomena are of this nature. There are still a number of luminous spheres and discs which seem to have a more material nature and to contain the intelligences which operate them. The widgets seen by astronomers in space are examples, and I think, too, of such things as the ruddy disc which buzzed Captain Manning’s DC-3 near south Bend, Indiana.

The “Devil’s Hoofprints” and related phenomena, discussed below in Part Three, offer another key or clue, and in segregating them from the mass of unclassified data we can, again, remove a considerable segment of the load which burdens the psychic and paranormal field. The misinterpretation adherent to the Hoof marks are more fantastic than the phenomenon itself. It is unbelievable, to me at least, that people intelligent enough to make a living among their fellows would try to interpret a linear sequence of exactly duplicated marks, crossing roof tops, walls and haystack unfalteringly and indiscriminately as animal tracks. These marks were equally spaced, occurring singly, not in twos or fours. Even in the old mythology there is no tale of a one-legged animal.

Here is something clearly mechanical. With equal clarity it is something maneuvering in the sky. Since the mysterious phenomenon occurred half a century before our race developed mechanical flight, this, to me, is an isolated and clear-cut indication of space flight.

Throughout the series of modern (after Arnold) sightings of FLYING MACHINE’s there is a thread of frequent references to “Mother Ships” and huge superconstructions. The vast thing chased by Mantell and the ten-mile-long thing/over Kansas are examples. There can no longer be serious doubts of their existence. It seems probable that these constructions are the domiciles of the small-fry discs, spheres, balls of light, etc., which are so frequently seen in proximity to the earth’s surface and to our planes, rockets, air fields and cities.

It is my belief that these constructions are few in number, not many (there is some possibility, in fact, that there may be only two of them) and that they do not come from distant planets such as Venus, Mars, Jupiter or the vastly more distant stars. It is my belief that they are usually globular, sometime spindlelike, and that they are an indigenous part of earth-moon binary-planet system.

I make this statement on the basis of hundreds of astronomical observations in which the rough determinations of parallax can be made. Parallax shows these objects to be somewhere between a few hundred miles away and a maximum of something less than the distance of the moon. While I believe that these space islands probably use both earth and moon for their own convenience, I suggest that their most natural and permanent habitat is at the gravitational neutral of the earth-sun-moon, three-body system which is well within the orbit of the moon.

Dean Swift was prescient in regard to his astronomy, predicting that Mars had two small satellites, one of which was close to Mars’ surface and made two revolutions daily. It has been pointed out that this inner body is too close to Mars to be in adjustment with any known postulate of the natural distribution of satellites relative to their parent body. This may be an indication that Mars’ inner satellite is artificial.

It has been postulated that gravitation need not be considered as acting with uniform continuity, from the center of the attracting body outward, even if subject to the inverse square law.

Such a concept, today, would be especially horrendous to physics and astronomy. Yet, there is a suspicious rhythm to the distribution of planets, outward from the sun. This has been somewhat crudely expressed in Bode’s “law,” and in spite of scientific protestations there is a similarity between atomic structure as we comprehend it and the obvious structure of the solar system.

Refinements of Bode’s law indicate nodes in the gravitational field, at which planets, asteroids, and possibly comets and meteors tend to locate themselves. An extension of the theory to the satellite systems of the major planets indicates a similar system of nodes on smaller scales, where planets, rather than the sun, are gravitational centres. This indicates a sort of generality, and since these smaller planets, such as Venus, Earth, Mars, do not have satellite systems (the moon is more of a companion than satellite and may have joined the earth through acquisition rather than formation), it might well be that these gravitational nodes are occupied to some degree by navigable construction.

Over a period of almost two hundred years there have been many modifications of Bode’s law, in an effort to completely generalize it, and to make it theoretical as well as empirical. Many researchers have extended the law so as to establish nodes right down to the surface of the central bodies, and in so doing the nodes become closer and closer together so that there may be many of them at short distances from the parent body. Thus, if the law or its derivatives have significance, there could be a number of these orbital nodes between the moon and the surface of the earth.

We can therefore, take it as highly probable that there are many zones of convenience around the planets, as well as around the sun, which are presently unoccupied by planets or satellites of any considerable size and which may well be used by enlightened space dwellers. Such zones, if they exist, are in addition to the demonstrable earth-sun-moon neutral. Since this system of nodes appears to be some function of the radius of the attracting body, it may be that there is a complete series of them in concentric circles starting at the surface of a parent body such as the earth, but their existence or true nature can hardly be known to us until we can in some way determine the nature of gravity itself.

There may even be hints available to us regarding gravity. For instance, no final settlement has ever been made of the argument over the opposed wave and corpuscular theories of the propagation of light. An assumption that the ether, a necessary adjunct to the wave theory, is identical with the gravitational field, whatever that may be, would reconcile the opposing theories and a quantum of light would then be merely a pulsation or fluctuation in the gravitational field. Intense studies of the movements of space-navigable FLYING MACHINE’s might furnish vital clues to such problems.

Let us go back for a moment to the matter of masslessness of some of the FLYING MACHINE’s. Their ability to achieve enormous acceleration has been one of the greatest puzzles to scientists. Time after time we are told that the FLYING MACHINE’s could not possibly contain living bodies of flesh and bone—that such bodies could not withstand the stresses imposed by the observed accelerations. Yet such argument can well be based on entirely erroneous ideas as to the nature of the propulsive forces used by the FLYING MACHINE’s.

Acceleration is damaging only because the forces necessary to produce it are applied externally to the living body, or to the structural members of any flying machine. Any force which would simultaneously accelerate every molecule of either the living body or the mechanical structure would avoid all such stresses, and both the living and the mechanical could undergo any amount of acceleration without the slightest damage or discomfort!

Since the FLYING MACHINE’s, even the material, structure like ones, are observed to sustain acceleration without mishap, we cannot but conclude that whatever the force used for such violent propulsion may be, it must be of such a nature that all fractions of the accelerated bodies are acted upon individually. This could only come about through reactance with the gravitational field, because nonmagnetic materials do not react to a magnetic field. Therefore, since such movements are observed, we have to stop thinking in terms of jet or rocket propulsion, or reactance with a magnetic field, any of which subject both flesh and metal to outside pressures, and instead, ascertain how space craft obtain reactance with gravity.

It should be obvious to all engineers and scientists that rocket propulsion will never solve the problems of space travel, not only because of the unavoidable problems of acceleration, but because of the impossibility of transporting the necessary fuel and carrying the heavy reactance motors. Few laymen realize that, for rocket flight, the fuel is of dual purpose. Its ability to produce energy is no whit more valuable than its ability to produce inertial reactance when expelled through a jet, and therefore, any rocket propulsion craft must carry mass in some form for the purpose of being expelled so as to create reactance. Using fuel for both energy and reactance is only a partial solution of the problem, and obviously limits both the range and speed of a space craft.

Atomic power is certainly not the answer, at least not as regards jet or reactance propulsion, for all of the atomic power in the world will not move a space craft, by reactance propulsion, unless there is an enormous mass to be ejected and lost. The amount of such expendable mass is proportional to the weight of the craft and the square of the speed obtained. It is exactly here that the great cost and impracticality of current attempts at rocket flight occur.

A cheap power must, therefore, be found. By cheap power we have in mind something like the effect of the winds on sailing craft, or the reactance of revolving cylinders with the winds, as was tried on a Scandinavian vessel twenty to thirty years ago. Such a force or power will have to originate in reactance directly with the gravitational field, since magnetic fields will not account for the observed accelerations nor are they, so far as we know, extensive enough in space.

If the money, thought, time, and energy now being poured uselessly into the development of rocket propulsion were invested in a basic study of gravity, it is altogether likely that we could have effective and economical space travel, at a small fraction of the ultimate cost which we are now incurring, within one decade.

Science has consistently scoffed at any thought of gravity control or levitation, and such scoffing has had to be accepted as authoritative in the absence of proof to the contrary. Such proof now seems to be within sight, or at least there is increasingly strong evidence that gravity is neither so continuos so immaterial nor so obscure as to be completely unamenable to use, manipulation and control. Witness not only the documented movements of FLYING MACHINE’s in the form of lights, discs, nebulosities, etc., but the many instances of stones, paper, clothes baskets and many other things which have been seen to leave the ground without apparent cause. The lifting of the ancient megalithic structures, too, must surely have come through levitation.

The same inhibited thinking which has consistently aroused our protests is responsible for the maladjusted direction of our attack on the problems of space flight through rocket power. There must be, and almost certainly is, a better, shorter way of accomplishing it. The difference between the pre-Incan methods of handling huge stone masses and those of our present-day engineers offers a kind of parallel. We should be looking for the simpler, more direct course—not wasting our resources on unworkable methods.

In the magazine, Look, August 24, 1954, there was an article entitled “How Close Are We To Space Flight?” by J.Gordon Vaeth. He thinks we are not very close. If we accept his reasons we have to agree with him. He says the problem is too massive, too expensive, too intricate. We might add, ponderous. And—he is quite correct if we continue along present channels of research and development. Our procedure is expensive, cumbersome, tedious, and extremely wasteful of money, time, manpower, and intellect.

If, on the contrary, we shift our concentration to the intensive study of gravity, and put on that problem brains and education comparable to those which have solved the problems of fission and atomic structure, it is my honest belief that we can whip the problem of space travel inexpensively within a decade. It is my belief that something of the sort was done in the antediluvian past, through either research or through some fortuitous discovery of physical forces and laws which have not as yet been revealed to scientists of this second wave of civilization.

It is always easier to uncover a principle, or a fact, if it is known in advance to exist. This is certainly a fact that helped the Russians in their development of the atomic bomb and the H-bomb. It probably helped Columbus in his quest for the “Indies,” even though he found something slightly different. It is my belief that the possibility of gravity control, or at least gravity reactance, has been strongly indicated by the phenomena listed.

Waiting for your valuable reply??

Shailen Chakraborty
Sr. Engineer (Automobile)