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when time is speeding up you are actually going slower then the speed of light when time is going slower you are actually going faster then the speed of light if time stops you are frozen in time and space which is spacetime light can bend gravity in order for time or time travel can work if we were able to control time then you could be master of it as well then you could do anything like go forwards and backwards even stop time with your mind and body even with a device or machine most people have succeeded with device or machine but if body and mind worked then anyone could time travel people with lasers and light can achieve time travel too some people don't have the skills to build and invent things but our scientists will discover time travel one day scientificlly and that will be a big achievement in the history of america but they will make it private so the public doesn't know about it but I fear the government will use it towards their advantage but most people today like the public is taking efforts in making time or time travel to work or happen including those in this forum as well as other time travel forums it doesn't take a genius like albert einstein and nikola tesla to build a device or something that people want to achieve my beliefs say do whatever you want to do invent, work, play and so much more there is no harm in that if life was the same it would be very boring or dull but life is different we all have our different traits but we do eat and drink and so forth that is the same though if time was not here then we wouldn't be here god created time as well as light and dark and so much more if there wasn't a god then nothing would exist we wouldn't be born and it would be useless well I have stuff to do now I will talk with you all later but think about what I have said above ^ and let me know what you think or believe!


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Frog, My first impression is that speed kills.