Facebook Outage Comes at a Suspicious Time

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Temporal Engineer
In court, Facebook asked Congress to create internet laws. And they will probably lobby to get it done. Full blown censorship is coming. I think I'll go back to snail mail when this happens.

That will be next. Consider that your mail recipient complains to you that everything in your letter was redacted.


Yeah, Facebook isn't a social media platform anymore, if it ever was. It's a gigantic mechanism to gather, monitor, dissect, censor/filter then feed you the information. Their dream is to control what to tell who, when, and why, and with ads as a bonus!

Why remain neutral, when you can make money instead!

steven chiverton

Senior Member
lets try explain if i get it right they captured alien greys in stasis chambers they was linked to something enabling them to send mind control through the internet so they got the right code to break there lock on the frequencies they was putting out through the internet face book etc so they had to shut them down to recalibrate the system to break there frequency lock using an unbackable new higher frequency