Farewell Dream

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Nov 12, 2017
Hi Everyone :) Happy holidays.

This is kinda of emotional for me to write. Since it’s about my father.First I want to say that me,and my father were very close. In 2008 my dad was diagnosed with cancer. Doctors gave dad only 8 months. So within that 8 months it was from going to school to straight to the hospital every day to see my dad. We were really close. So Seeing him in pain was wicked hard to watch. Before daddy past away. I had a dream where he was home heathy again,and he told me needed to go to work and said his farewell. Then 3 nights later he past away.
I came to find out later that lots of people have dreams of loved ones saying good bye like this. But wanted to share it anyways.
Jul 24, 2017
very cool astrophysicist girl. I had similiar experiences.
what I found out later after a passing in my family is they all go to one place. That is a parallel earth but is entirely astral. Has 10 cities, giant building like an airport but with no ceiling called the reception center.

They all apparently work there to move up to higher planes but also to help humans on Earth. It's interesting cuz when they go there they feel only a couple weeks have past since they left before incarnating. Rick Lipani meets his passed wife there. He made some computer renderings. The Monroe Institute who has done research on astral projection for 40years documented the location as "Focus 67".
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