Finally... I've found you all!!!


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Finally... I've found you all!!!

Hi all,

I just found out this site existed... yey.

Well about me, I'm a writer... love it. Seriously love it.

Action adventure stuff, gotta love it.

Anyway, my latest short story, I am trying to explain time travel, in a way that isn't confusing... was going with the theory of travelling faster then light.

I found a lot of gobbly-gook on the net, very technical answers that I had to re-read several times before they'd sink in.

I wanted to explain it to a character in an easy way, that's easy to understand, and for people who've never really thought about it go... ohh that's what they're getting at!

Basically, I was going to write something along the lines of... "When you pass the speed of light, your catching up on the light ahead... effectivly moving forward in time"

That's basically what I wanted to write. But more stylised from the character.

Is it accurate? Or the theory accurate? Or am I going to make a fool of myself cause I know nothing??? Heheh hoping its not the last one.

If there's an easier way of explaining it, please let me know!

But hi everybody... this site looks like fun!


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Re: Finally... I've found you all!!!

Welcome to the forum, columnmn! We're glad you found us!

Kick back and enjoy yourself, we have a lot to offer. Be sure to join us in Live Chat sometime and get to know your fellow members better!


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Re: Finally... I've found you all!!!

We have seen many different answers to the theory of FTL. Some are hilarious, some way off base and some believeable. Take your pick.

Welcome Columnmn