Finding a vortex


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Jun 17, 2004
Steven Gibbs says that to use an HDR you need a vortex that is large in size. He tell people to get a cat to help them find one. Cats are excellent vortex hunters.

Often a cat will sleep over a large one. They are attracted to the energy. Personally I use an EMF detector to find a vortex that is known as a cell sensor. Ghost hunters also use EMF detectors because "spooks" tend to be near a vortex opening.

I believe that poltergeist phenomena are related to magnetic anomalies, but I do not understand the cause. The "noisy ghost" is probably a mischief laden spirit that likes to tease us.

OK near a vortex, UFO craft are seen, also ghosts and spirits, as well as strange paranormal phenomena such as {objects levitating, glowing orbs, and odd noises}.

Vortex Hunters - Be a Vortex Hunter



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Aug 14, 2012
Thanks HDR Kid. Where are vortexes typically located? I live in Florida and there is this large grassy area behind the apartment building where I live, might I find one there? Also, if I may ask, when you bought your HDR how did you pay for it? What payment options does Gibbs accept?

Daniel Scott

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Jul 28, 2017
Look for bald patches
I tried looking for vortexes with the EMF detector app on my iPhone how do you know when your new a vortex a just came from looking for one I would get readings but then it would just go back down how do I know defiantly when I am over a vortex?