Interview Flux Capacitor Successfull Time Travel (T.E.C.)

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Taken from the T.E.C. archives


Report by: Ryan Neibaur

From from the original design of the flux capacitor I have had success in at least slowing down time and taking a clock back a few seconds instantly. When I put the clock over the piezo unit and let it run on 2.5 Hz for a while it only went back a few seconds then I went to bed and slept the next morning the clock was two hours behind the other clock that was in exact sync with the other clock. I turned on the TV at the channel where you can always see what time it is, the clock was two hours behind the time. I set both clocks to the time on the TV station before I started the experiment.

I reset the clock and it would always go back two hours, and I had a thought to unplug the clock and then plug it in and reset it again. After I unplugged it the clock stopped going back two hours. I think that a time field was around the clock at all times and was supported by the energy going through the clock from the outlet it was hooked to. Once I unplugged the clock the time field collapsed and the clock stopped going back two hours.