Flying saucer runs on plasma


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Flying saucer runs on plasma

Wow, take a look at that. There are just 2 schematics, but it sounds interesting.
New Flying Saucer Runs on Plasma | LiveScience
A flying saucer is in the works, but it didn?t come from space. It came from Florida.

Subrata Roy, an engineering professor at the University of Florida, is trying to patent his design of a circular, spinning aircraft he dubs WEAV, short for wingless electromagnetic air vehicle.

The suggested prototype offers several advantages. It can hover and take off vertically. With no moving parts, the WEAV should be markedly reliable. And though his battery-powered model is only six inches across, Roy thinks a larger craft is possible.

Roy applied his experience doing U.S. Air Force-funded plasma research to develop the propulsion system devoid of typical aircraft parts such as propellers and engines. Here is how it works: Electrodes lining the vehicle?s surface ionize the surrounding air. This creates plasma on the vehicle?s exterior. An electrical current sent through this plasma generates a force that not only produces the necessary lift and momentum. It also stabilizes the vehicle in windy conditions.

Looking like a flying bundt pan, the WEAV design is partially hollow and continuously curved. This larger surface area improves lift and control.
Besides providing surveillance on Earth, Roy also envisions the craft in other atmospheres, such as that of Saturn?s moon Titan, where high air density and low gravity would be favorable to saucer flight.

But the path from concept to production may not be smooth. Flying in Earth?s air requires a thrust at least 10 times greater than in outer space where drag and gravity are lower. And the plasma necessary to fly also obstructs wave transmission used for communicating with a remote source.

This doesn?t discourage Roy. ?Of course the risk is huge, but so is the payoff,? he said. ?If successful, we will have an aircraft, a saucer and a helicopter all in one embodiment.?
I hope we'll see it when completed. If they are talking about it now, maybe they will do the same later.
Perhaps they build it by retro-engineering a UFO they got in the past.
They could say that the UFOs are human made since the beginning...

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good find 7 will watch with intrest to see what we get. maybe I will get my flying car/bike after all

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You watched ET too much man !
You liked the flying bikes at the end uh ? :D


I liked the ET spacecraft they had in Independance Day.

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We will be chased by flying saucers, that could be dangerous !

Do you remember the flying saucers in ancient paintings ?


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don't remind me,
big fight at my house
wife just would not look or listen to the proof, said it was a photo shop job:confused:
but yeh thats some of the best evidence around for UFO's. and still some say aaahhhhh bulshit. hey if its to complitcated for them. ggggrrrrrrrr..... I just want to slap them simpler.
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Yeah, it's pretty hard to believe, but how could they imagine painting that ?
A flying thing, with a guy looking at it...
Maybe it's not a proof. But perhaps it's a very convincing clue about the truth.

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just like the kid in the movie
water world
ya know the little girl she drew what she saw
I think its like that, they saw what they saw, and drew a picture of it.
now some try to say other stuff, like its just a fictional thing from there inmagination. ha ha ha ha
they saw it and drew it