For everyone that has seen an alien in real life...


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Jun 18, 2015
Has the alien looked anything like the one in this video?

in the dreams i've had of them, that is nearly precisely how they look. i watched these vids on youtube. 3 parts i believe? if i recall correctly. and if its not real, then someone did a really great job, because for me, i feel quite deep emotions when i watch the vid. its almost as if i can see a glare of emotion in the eyes. it does look nearly just like the ones in my dreams, if my dreams were real, and just hidden memories, no idea. i don't got answers to that , though if i do often wonder what would be revealed if i got hypnosis over my ufo encounter i had when i was younger.

anyhow, listenin to what the alien says, seeing how terrible its being treated ...... it's obviously not being treated well, to be tied up, ...... the things it says...

i watched all 3 vids. to me, this is a real alien. i've seen alot of fakes on youtube, but this one.... makes me feel quite sad for that alien.

the greatest emotion i felt during those videos, was sadness. (edited to add this ) : when i say, greatest emotion, i mean the strongest emotion i felt and feel , is sadness. i feel sad for the alien.

i feel this is a real vid. i could be wrong, but i thought i'd give my thoughts on it as well. i gotta go for now , stay cool all, peace :)