For The First Time On Paranormalis I Give You Mr Methane, The Man Who Put The Art Into Farting!! LOL.


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Seriously, there was a Frenchman with the stage name of Le Petomane (1857 to 1945) who was a French Flatulist (Professional Farter)...The people of Paris revered him as a unique performer of Classical Music, as he could fart in tune to musical compositions, and copy musical instruments!!...

The very talented English comedy actor, Leonard Rossiter, produced a movie about Le Petomane that you can see for yourselves on You Tube if you want to..
The video iam showing is of Mr Methane himself performing along with the music to the 1963 hit record Da Do Ron Ron...The self appointed UK bastions of "good taste", the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), banned Mr Methanes performance!! :fp:..

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