Forget 2012, The World Ends This Year!


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Has anyone seen this relatively recent conspiracy?

Supposedly, the world ends this year.
"Judgment Day! May 21, 2011"
"The End of the World October 21, 2011"
According to this website:

What are your thoughts on this conspiracy? The closer it gets to May the more attention it is getting, apparently there are billboards around America...
I never heard of this one before today. I gotta say, it kinda sounds like another bunch of sacred text interpretations. I've never been a fan of these. Ends of the world and judgment days are very popular these days.

Why does the world need to end?!?!

I sure hope not my birthday is oct 26 can we wait till after the hangover if not start without me and I'll catch up

Cool, your birthday is on the day Marty goes back in time in Back to the Future! :)

I don't expect the world to end that soon, I have a life I wanna live.
They say there are places with this on billboards, on people's vehicles, etc.'s May 12th I guess we will see. Though according to the bible, no one but God knows, and there will be many false prophets in the end times. But, it isn't my place to judge or be judged.
Yeah, a lot of people on other sites talk about the rapture taking place on May 21st at 6PM of your local time. I doubt it will actually happen. To be honest, I don't expect anything.