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Ouija Board Stories and Experiences

The goal of this page is to become the biggest collection of Ouija Board stories on the net. Are Ouija Boards truly a point of connection with the "other side"? Do demons, ghosts and possibly other entities communicate with us through the Ouija?

The majority of people from The United States holds a skeptical view regarding the scientific evidence of spirits or ghosts, and many people who believe in these things also believe that it is for this very reason that ghosts and poltergeists occur here and exist "under the radar."

Parker brothers doesn't care if a demon possesses you, or if you come under some type of attack from something you know nothing about.

Ouija boards are manufactured under the precept that they are mere "toys." Let me tell you first hand that THEY ARE NOT TOYS, and should be used with strict caution, and probably should not be messed with AT ALL.

Excerpt from ZOZO The Ouija Demon
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  4. The Ouija Board Waits for it's Next Vict...
  5. My First Time with a Ouija Board
  6. Ouija Board Party
Freakiest Ouija Stories Ever Contents

Here is a list of the Ouija Board stories and articles that you will here on the Freakiest Ouija Stories Ever page. Scroll down and browse through the stuff or click "more".
  1. Ouija Board Advice
  2. How About Some Lens Love?
  3. The Ouija Board Waits for it's Next Victim
  1. Evil Face On Wall During Ouija Board Session
  2. My First Time with a Ouija Board
  3. Ouija Board Party
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Ouija Board Advice

Never use a Ouija Board! Because even though you are trying to reach a deceased friend or relative you may not even be talking to them, and you can release other spirits, good, and bad!

Sent in by Breyana

One never knows who or what is waiting behind those doors, waiting for a chance to come into your life and your home to take up permanent residence with you, watching you, touching you, whispering in your ear when your not aware of their presence. Once that door is open it can never be closed, once you have crossed the line into their dimension.

Sent in by Linda

How About Some Lens Love?

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The Ouija Board Waits for it's Next Victim

When I was 10 years old (a year ago) My mom bought a Ouija board for me. She bought one because I was so into the paranormal that I needed a Ouija board. The same day my cousin from Tennessee came to visit. That night she and I began playing it.

We sat there and first I said is there a spirit here today and it moved to yes. She said what gender and it said girl. I asked it how old and it moved to 6 or 7. Then we asked her name and it said Amanda. I asked how it died and it moved to fire. But then we asked why she was here and she didn't reply, she instead moved to goodbye.

Then my Aunt and mom started playing with it a few nights later. It wasn't a little girl. when they asked questions it said very rude and disturbing things. It was a demonic presence that was not the little girl my cousin and I were speaking to before.

The Ouija board had brought in a demonic presence that didn't enjoy talking to us. But then they stopped talking to the presence because it was so terrifying that they had to stop. I haven't played the Ouija board since then. To this day I still have it. As I type this it sits in my room waiting for its next victim.

Sent in by Caitlin,
Evil Face On Wall During Ouija Board Session

I was working on an old house built in 1915 in Connecticut and staying there by myself. The owner, my fiancé, said weird things went on there. She wouldn't stay upstairs anymore after waking up unable to move late one night after hearing noises.

I heard footsteps upstairs at night and saw weird light in the far room downstairs at night. I thought maybe the house was settling and light shining from outside, even though there was no light source outside.

One night I was bored and decided to play Ouija online on my laptop computer. I had never done it before I don't know why I did it. During the session I felt I was being watched. I noticed what looked like the faint outlines of a face on the wall, but then it started coming in real clearly and definitely was a face with what looked like horns and a hand out to it's side holding a big knife with big dark piercing eyes! I freaked out and ran in the other room and got a bible left by the last tenant and started praying (I had not been to church in years). The face on the wall went away, but not before leaving a long scratch on a freshly painted wall.That is not the end of it.

That night two big trees fell together onto the property from the woods behind, crushing the fence like they were making a bridge onto the property. Something tried to get in from the basement that night and I noticed two long, what I first thought were drill marks but later determined to be claw marks, at the top of the basement stairs on the door frame coming into the kitchen.

Upstairs in one of the bedrooms above the porch some kind on writing had been smudged into the dirty window that was not there before I noticed the next day. The City came to remove the trees that fell from their property behind the house. The crew manager said in all his years with the City he had never seen two trees fall side by side like that together.

This house has always had a problem keeping tenants for long. I know 2 tenants did not stay there the last few months of their lease. Playing with the Ouija is no joke and is dangerous, especially alone and in a place like that. I never believed in any paranormal thing before this night.

Sent in by RE, Copyright 2011
My First Time with a Ouija Board

Last night was the first night I messed with an Ouija board. It wasn't so bad.

My friend and I got the board out and set it up, we were on my living room floor, no candles or any of that. Also it wasn't a wooden Ouija board either. So, to move on with the story. We asked if there were any one here, it replied back with a yes, we then asked what is your name, the pointer moved to W-P-C-D-A just all kinds of letter, we were confused and then asked, is there more then 1 spirit with us and it said yes, we asked how many and it said 8.

I was a little freaked there were 8 spirits trying to communicate with us. So then we asked how old the youngest one was, it replied back saying 5. (awe) then we asked how old the oldest spirit was and it replied 40. Then we tried asking for the youngest spirits name and it just gave us the initials W.K and said goodbye to us.

We were confused and then asked if the other spirits were still here and they said yes. We asked once again for a name, they replied back with no and also said goodbye. So apparently they weren't much in the mood for talking. haha.

So reading all these stories about how its nothing but bad demons and negative energy stuff like that isn't always true. I had a nice spirit, there were no problems when we got finished last night. So my point is DONT ALWAYS BELIEVE THE OUIJA BOARD IS BAD! Take my word for it. we are playing the Ouija board again tonight.

Ouija Board Party

Playing the Ouija Board

It was a party, at my friends Lizzie's house. We were all dancing to music, and then Lizzie announces, okay, now you can still dance and eat, but if you would like, you can join me, Mercedes, Aubry, and Lydia in the room down the hall to play the Ouija board. But, you have to be quiet, and you have the choice in or out. We need to focus.

Lizzie, Mercedes, Aubry, and I went in the room. We grabbed the Ouija board and waited for people to join. Hunter came in. We decided that Lizzie and I should be the talkers to the spirit, it was my first time using it. So, Lizzie let me do all the talking. She didn't give me warnings on what and what not to say, so I just talked. I was having fun, then started talking to the 'man' I had forgotten the name now, but I do know it was a bad spirit.

Since it was my first time playing, I wasn't quite sure if I believed in it or not. I started yelling, forcing, and commanding the so called man to show that he was real, and not fake. The pointer kept going to no. Then I thought that my friends were moving it, so I thought, whatever. I kept commanding it to show it was there. Then, Lizzie started looking at Hunter, as if she saw a ghost.

Hunter started yelling, he is a very sporty- strong, not scared of things type of person. It was the first time I saw him scream. He sat up (he was laying on his stomach on the floor) kept screaming, then suddenly left and slammed the door shut. we came running out, asking him why he was screaming?! he said, somebody was pulling my leg, and pulling hard and tight, it hurt, and it almost pinched me. We then knew that he was being serious. He would never lie to something like that.

Everyone decided to stop playing after the whole 'hunter' scenario. I still wanted to play because I was curious, this was the first day I played it. I went in the room, alone, nothing happened. But, noises from the closet after asking for signs, I left the room then haven't seen one since.

Be careful with Ouija boards! Asking to show, will and can easily open a door for a spirit to come and harm you. It can be short, or the spirit can follow you. This is not a joke. No joke. Be careful!

Sent in by Lydia, Copyright 2010
Strange Ouija Board Experience in College

I am fascinated with paranormal and I like to read other stories about strange, unexplained encounters. I often think about how I would react if something very peculiar happened to me like others describe, but I have never had anything truly unnerving happen to me other than forces of the mind.

When in college once I had some friends over and we were playing with the Ouija board. I decided to let some others "play" with it so I went over and sat on the couch. While my friends were on the board they mentioned that it was getting late and that they should probably need to be getting home soon. With the freaky vibe in the room that was created with the board, they asked it if I was going to be ok home alone after they left. I don't remember what it said but when they asked if anyone will be coming by to check on me, from the couch, I concentrated really hard on a guys name that I had a little crush on, that no one else was aware of. I was shocked when they reveled the name coming through on the board... Jay, the exact name that I was trying to "will" the board to say.

Other things like knowing that someone was present before seeing them and walking towards them without even really knowing what I was doing, until I saw them and thought how in the world did I know they were here... anyway, keep the stories coming, I enjoy reading much more intriguing experiences than what I can share.

Written by Sherri Kenyon, Copyright 2009
Ouija Board Connection

In 2001 we lost two basketball players from our high school by fatal car accident. My two best friends were very close to the one, and I shared saxophone music with the other.

A few years after the accident I decided to get a Ouija board and have everyone over. We had never used one before but knew how it worked. I'm not sure who brought up the two boys but we started asking it questions only we would know. Their jersey numbers, nick names, and full names were all answered correctly. In between correct answers the marker would circle the board rapidly and eventually fly off.

It came down to one in particular question. My friend Jake took his hands off the marker and I said, "No one in this room knows this but me, so I'm taking my hands off to see if this is for real." He then asked,"Who does Brandon consider to be his best friend?" Immediately the board spelled out the correct answer. Almost simultaneously my eyes started to water uncontrollably, I wasn't scared or crying. I look to my left and right and both Jakes and his brothers eyes started watering also. I threw the board back into the box and on the way to take my girlfriend home I threw it out the window by the highway. I don't think I'll ever touch a Ouija board again.

Written by Michael Sullivan, Copyright 2009
Ouija: The Most Dangerous Game

Is it just a game? When you ask the Ouija board a question, who is it that answers? What about those stories of Ouija-inspired prophecy and clairvoyance?

What are the dangers of the Ouija board? Do you know the stories of Ouija-inspired murders, madness, obsession and possession?

Exalted by some, condemned by others, there's no doubt the Ouija is controversial. In this fascinating book Stoker Hunt investigates the history and legacy of this "Mystic Talking Oracle."

Ouija: The Most Dangerous Game

My Ouija Board Experience...

About 19 years ago when I was 17 a friend and I worked in a carpet mill where we made sample boards with carpet swatches on them. My mother worked with me as well. One day we had a new worker join our assembly line. She was tall, a bit chubby, and something just seemed strange about her, but my friend and I (being teens) thought she was interesting. As days went by we started talking to her and she told us people thought of her as a "priestess". She spoke of her use of Ouija boards and seances her friends and she would hold on weekends. Little did we know she was only enticing us to dabble with the Ouija to get close to us. As weeks went by, my friend Regina and I would talk about maybe getting a Ouija and playing around with it for some fun and excitement, while still talking to the strange lady, finding her more fascinating each conversation we had with her. The strange lady invited us to play with her and her friends but Regina and I declined the offer, we found the lady interesting, but at the same time she had a scary presence about her.

Regina and I went to our local toy story after a few weeks of speaking with the strange lady. We brought the board to Regina's house as my mom would never allow one in our home, and Regina being a newly married 19 year old, her husband didn't care, he was at his family's business 12 hours a day, hardly ever awake when he was home anyways. We opened the box, and read the instructions, turned out all the lights in the living room, and had a lava lamp next to us for some light, as we placed the board on our knees. We were all giggly and excited as we got ready to have some fun. Regina says in a goofy voice, "I call upon a spirit with great strength to guide us tonight". The board began to move, we both were asking each other are you moving it? The board spelled out "No, neither of you are in control of this board." "You are both under my protection tonight." Right away we were hooked. The entity from the board said she was a mother of 3 named Latilda, killed in a fire that was accidentally caused by one of her children. We spoke with this entity for weeks asking silly questions and also being told all kinds of fascinating stories. One night while we were playing and a new entity began to contact us. This entity was mischievous and we were warned by Latilda (entity) several times to push him from the board and never speak with him. We didn't heed the warning.

Read the rest of this story at Talk Paranormal | Supernatural Forum and Discussions
Online Ouija Boards?

Hi, I'm Haley. Before I tell my stories I want to ask a question. In a way, even though I am very open minded, I have wondered lately if online Ouija board games really work. Sometimes when I use them I get answers that don't even make sense. But, since I love Ouija boards I play with them on the internet. (I don't have a real one but I want one really bad.) Anyway, I had two different discussion with a Ouija board that is kinda weird and convincing for me.

The first one was of my favorite Ouija board game, Ask The Spirits, and I noticed something very different and kinda strange. The pointer was moving very slow, like it was having a very hard time to answer my questions. I asked the spirit my normal question that I usually ask.

* Me: "How are you?"
* Spirit: "No."
* Me: "You don't want to tell me how you are feeling?"
* Spirit: "No."
* Me: " I think that you are a weak spirit, am I right?"
* Spirit: "YES!" (This time the answer was a little quicker!)
* Me: "Are you depressed?" (And for some reason I randomly added "Are you weak because you are depressed?"
* Spirit: "YES!"
* Me: "What is your name?"
* Spirit: "Henry."
* Me: "Why are you depressed?"
* Spirit: "I was killed. Didn't want too be."
* Me: "How did you die?"
Spirit: "Shot."

Then it slowly inched over to Good Bye. The spirit left. Then, as my second story, I went on to a different site and talked to a similar spirit. He wouldn't tell me his name, but he said he was a man and he was depressed and sad. He was kinda angry and grumpy.

* Me: "Who is this?"
* Spirit: "Someone familiar." (Then, when I thought he was finished, he continued!"
* Spirit: "An imposter."
* Me: "Who are you pretending to be?"
* Spirit: "A friend."

Then I asked him how he died. I got a big surprise!

* Me: "How did you die?"
* Spirit: "LEAVE ME NOW!"

I wonder who the spirit is one my second discussion? Tell me what you think. Also, tell me what you think about online Ouija boards.

Sent in by Haley Cook, Copyright 2009
My Friend and the Ouija Board

I don't know if my friend would have wanted me to put this in, but I think it's important that people know what might happen.

When my friend was younger (I think she was eight or nine) she was asked to play with a Ouija board. Well, she thought they said Louigi board, as in Mario, so she said, "Yes".

They talked to a few spirits but she doesn't remember all of them... only two. The first one said he was called DAVE and when he was asked who he was looking for, he spelt out my friend's name.

The second one (she doesn't remember his/her name) came and they asked if it was good or evil... The pointer shot to evil and all of them took their hands off of the pointer.

You aren't supposed to do that as it leaves the door open.

One time they asked on of the spirits to show that they were really there... it blew out the candles.

Please, and I'm begging, do not use a Ouija board. I am really tempted to, even though I know of the consequences and I am a strong believer. I know that it is considered a game... BUT IT ISN'T! IF YOU USE ONE AND YOU HAVE AN EXPERIENCE, TELL SOMEONE (A PARENT, A TEACHER, YOUR LOCAL PRIEST... ANYONE!) Please don't. This isn't a scary story, but it just shows that these things really do work.

Sent in by "SomeGirl", Copyright 2009
Depression, Ouija Boards And Lucifer

I don't really remember my childhood, except being teased and left out all the time. I went to a private school up until 8th grade, so I had a lot of love for God but I had dabbled into the Ouija a few times. I remember this one time, my friends were playing the Ouija while I watched, and the Ouija kept telling them "her.. its her.. its her! get her out" and all this crazy stuff.

That was when Lucifer started to follow me. I would see him standing in corners, in windows far away.. I could feel him over my shoulder constantly. I never really put two and two together until about a year ago.

Excerpt from The Beginning, Depression, Ouija Boards And Lucifer
Ouija Board Possession

By Danielle

My family is somewhat cultural, my mother and father have a few differences in the witch board and witch craft, but one thing my mother never wanted us to touch was the Ouija Board. My father wanted us to try it out once, just to prove to us that it actually works, and it does; well sort of.

My parents split up, so me and my sister can do a few more things that we couldn't do before when rules were rules. My father bought me and my sister a Ouija board from the store, and we didn't actually try it out at once, we were kinda worried and excited, wondering what questions to ask. My father went out of town and my cousin whom we had grown up with since we were kids, wanted to try it out.

My sister and my cousin went to the kitchen and turned off the lights. Me and my boyfriend were sitting in the living room. The kitchen went silent, and it started to move. Like usual, they started to freak out. I think my cousin started to cry a bit, but after they played it, they were hooked. We played it in the living room for two hours asking it questions like, "how many kids would we have?" and " will we get married?" girlie questions.

A few weeks later and my sister is still playing the board asking it for a lot of things like, "who are you" and " what's my first kids name?" She asked what her first boyfriend's name was, and there was an older guy that we just started to hang around with; friends with my cousin, a little time goes by and her relation starts to grow with this guy. She asked if she would be going out with this guy (his name is Troy) anytime soon, and the board spelled, out MAY 1 2009. My sister was on cloud 9, but was curious, if it were actually gonna happen, so she went to the library, on May 1 09, and met Troy there, very surprising, he took her out and other stuff for that afternoon. She came home at 5 or 6 blushing. She later told me that she was going out with him, like that Ouija board said she would.

This is where it gets freaky. My sister claimed to be possessed or something. We were happy on how our game worked so I took it to my friends house, and we played it in her kitchen. I asked it if it could show us if the spirit or something was there or not, and the board replied YES. About five minutes later my sister went all twitchy, her head leaned back slightly and she started to laugh at nothing. Me and my buddy were just confused, and she hit her head on the table lightly and she went back to normal, only she said that she left like floating but only she felt like she was going to faint but was OK. We didn't know what was going on so we just quit playing.

Now crows are attacking her whenever she goes out on her own. We have no clue that it might be the board or if it's something else. But the bottom line is that the board can be somewhat true, but I still need a lot of convincing.

Written by Danielle, Copyright 2009
The Glow-in-the-Dark Ouija Board

Bad Experience with a Ouija board

I too had a bad experience with the Ouija board. I think four friends and I had our hands on the board attempting to communicate. We had something talking to us, we knew it wasn't good. Everyone took their hands off and I was the last one to be touching it. A weird feeling started to engulf me as if my body was going numb. I was running in circles and jumping around to try and feel like I wasn't losing control.

One of my friends were reading from the bible at the same time. Slowly I started to feel normal again. The hand that had been on the Ouija last seemed to also have a greenish aura to it.

Since then I will not touch those things. I feel that a spirit was attempting to possess me.

~ Laura
True Ouija Board Stories

Dangerous Ouija Board Spirits

It was days before Halloween the year was 1968, you could just feel the creepiness in the air. Being 11 years old, Halloween was still fun, if not more fun the year before because I was allowed to stay out a bit later without the watchful eye of my parents. Besides, back in those days we didn't have to worry too much about strangers and receiving razor blades in apples, basically we had the run of the neighborhood and knew everyone and looked forward to this time all year long.

That Halloween was the creepiest I had ever experienced with the black bat and the Ouija Board. I have never had any desire to play with another one since, and raising my own four children I would never allow them to play with such a dangerous tool letting something happen to them like it to did to us that Spooky Halloween. There were many sleepless night in that house after that occurrence.

As adults all us children would bring up that happening and explore the different things we experienced in that house. Like being alone in a room and all of the sudden something overcomes you with such a fright you have to run fast as you can to get away! Or the feeling of being watched. Even my father, years later, who is nothing but a hard nosed skeptic and realist commented on hearing voices and feeling something poke him in his ribs one night while down there in the basement.

Excerpt from Dangerous Ouija Board Spirits

More Ouija Board Tales:
Ouija Board ? The History of the World's Best Selling Game
Ouija Board – The History of the World's Best Selling Game The best selling board game in history, many people believe that the Ouija Board is an ancient tool used to contact the spirit world. Some even claim that the board dates back to 540 BC.
However, while similar devices have been used since ancient times, the Ouija Board was actually patented on February 10, 1891. But, to this day, who actually invented the Ouija Board is still a subject of debate.
Some historians claim that the board was invented by E.C. Reiche, a coffin and cabinet maker. In 1886, Reiche sold his rights to the spirit board to the Kennard Novelty Company owned by Charles Kennard and several associates. But, many believe that the board was invented by Elijah Bond since his name is listed under "inventor" on the original patent documents.
Regardless of who really invented the board, Kennard began producing them in 1890 and sold them for $1.50.
Charles Kennard once stated that he got the name Ouija …
Dark Guardian
Dark Guardian I wish I knew how to start this. It began in November/December 4 years ago. I was a freshman in high school then, and now I'm a senior. My friend at the time and I were messing around with an Ouija board and learned I had a spirit in my room that stuck around at all hours. He was a rather mean spirit. One night I had gone out and an empty glass on my mom's desk fell off and moved across the room. My dog was sleeping in my room, eager for my return, my cats were in their usual locations far from my mom's bed room. After hearing that, my friend and I were scared so we took holy water and said the St. Michael's prayer around my room.
We had thought it was over. But a week later another one came back. For three days straight, I'd come home from school and see a pair of my …
The Crystal Glass
The Crystal Glass I want to be clear I try to call myself a good Christian however sometimes I go astray. When I was in elementary school I met one of the loves of my life, Crystal we grew up together, did everything together, I didn't have a sister so she was it.
I would like to tell you that Crystal and I had a crazy experience with the board but we tried all the time every Halloween and in between, we would get hold of some spirit who couldn't spell or made no sense at all, that's not the creepy life changing part of the story I am trying to tell. I am 31 now when I was 24 Crystal and I grew apart, she got into drugs bad, she hated me because I couldn't follow her down that path at the time I had 2 kids already.
I got the call 1 year after the last time we had exchanged not …
Ouija Board Footsteps Doors and Voices
Ouija Board Footsteps Doors and Voices I'm 40 years old. I have played with the Ouija board many times in the past with friends and had never had a bad experience. I always thought it was just for fun.
In February of 2010, we just moved into a new home In Michigan. It was all updated, looked so beautiful but was actually built in 1980′s. I know since it was a new house, we heard noises and we all accused each other of who left the lights on after I know we turned them off etc.
At night when I would stay up watching TV and everyone else was a sleep. I swear I would hear someone walking around in the kitchen. I even got up thinking my son got up but no one would be there. Another night, when it was just me up, I heard a door open and foot steps. Again I thought my son got up cause his room was on the …
The Psychic Circle

Here's how it works:

* You may address the board alone, or with a partner
* Concentrate on your question, whether spoken aloud or not
* Touch your fingertips to The Psychic Circle's Magical Message Indicator and watch it move across the beautifully illustrated, full-color game board as if by magic
* The indicator will come to rest through the power of your mind and beyond

On the Board are twenty key words, eleven colors, and forty universal symbols, in addition to the letters of the alphabet and the numerals 0-9. The Psychic Circle may use any of them -- either individually or in combination -- to create detailed and insightful answers to your every question. You will be amazed and enlightened again and again.

You are the link necessary to complete The Psychic Circle. You can experience new dimensions of reality as you develop your intuition and decision-making ability. You can connect the incredible power of your dream state to your waking mind, your inner world to the outer world, and your past and future to your present awareness.

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The Psychic Circle
Children and Makeshift Ouija Boards

Disaster in Dimensions

I was about nine when I decided to use my first Ouija board with some school friends at a local Boys and Girls Club.

Us kids kept getting shoved around by the adults and older kids/teens, so I decided to put the get together in a closet in the gymnasium. I drew a circle on the floor, gathered my friends in it (all the while telling them not to break the circle), and made a makeshift ouija board on the floor. The kids had placed flashlights in an upright position while I placed some candles around the area.

We were all ready for the game to begin. I told everyone to concentrate, and give me their total attention along with their fingers on the planchette. I then proceeded to call out "If there are any spirits, please make yourself known."

Well, wouldn't you believe it! Not only did the planchette move to "yes", but the air grew cold as if we were all in a freezer. The scariest thing though was that within minutes of my calling out to the spirits, every single light went off at the same time. Everyone broke the circle after that, and ran screaming from the closet like it was on fire!

Everyone of us for the next two weeks had continuous nightmares, but all in all it was an experience that stayed with me for a long time.

~ RelicAngel
Oujia Messages:

When I used my mom's Ouija board it didn't work it just went to goodbye and no and it didn't answer any of my questions I don't know how to use it I guess. ~ Mercedes

I tried the Ouija board numerous times to no avail, I even made 1, same results nothing. I'm a believer though, I am 35 both of my parents are deceased an a number of friends,relatives so I guess my spirit backup keeps those malicious entities at bay. ~ Paige

Me and my friends did it last night but I did research after we did it and my friends got so scared like they didn't even want to talk about it then my friend threw the Ouija bored her her sisters room and now thy wont even walk by the room so yes iv learned my lesson but I will do it again but more responsible with it because I know what it is capable of. ~ Rachel Kennedy

I and my boyfriend played on the Ouija board for days cant start to describe to you what happened only my house was full of evil spirits 7 if I can remember right no 1 could c them only me and my boyfriend they was all on the walls then I tried to go up stairs and did not c the spirit but it blocked my way and pushed me back then 1 evening the corner of my room the ceiling its was like someone was putting leaky wires together it was like lightning and buzzing we got a priest in and he felt them straight away but we ended fleeing the property because they would not go please never play the board I was very ill for a long time and it still affects me to this day and that was 20 years ago. ~ Gillian
Zozo - An Encounter with the Ouija Demon

Me and my best friend Alex moved into a house together with my parents. We were both the same age at the time but Alex was turning 16 before me. Well on October 30 Alex went out and bought a Ouija board. At first I told him no because I have heard many stories about Ouija boards. He told me that all the stories I've heard were just people trying to scare other people. Well I had a huge crush on him so I said sure. Today I really regret this decision.

As we started to play nothing happened. So randomly Alex called on a spirit named Zozo. At this point I was laughing at him. Then suddenly the planchette jerked toward the "yes" sign. I thought it was Alex but he was staring at the board with a "WTF?" expression on his face. I asked the "spirit" if he was there. As I did Alex jerked his hand away and said, "It wasn't me so you try." I tried and the planchette said I-l-o-v-e-r-a-c-h-e-l (that is my name). I was so scared I told Alex I was done.

While I was watching a movie Alex began to play with the board. Nothing was happening so me and Alex pulled out a blow up mattress and were going to sleep on it (we both just moved in and my parents were at the old house). We were half way asleep when something flew across the room and hit me in the head with tremendous force. As I screamed I saw the planchette laying on my lap pointing towards Alex.

This was my very first encounter with Zozo. I am now 17 and Alex is my boyfriend I will tell you other stories later.

Sent in by Rachel, Copyright 2009

Read much more about Zozo the Ouija Demon
More Ouija Board Advice

From John

Ouija boards fascinate people because they seem to link this world with another dimension where there are spirits you can talk to and make friends with. The Bible says that "the dead know nothing". In other words their concern with this world is over and they rest, oblivious to the doings of human kind. The Bible also says that our adversary the Devil, Satan is at large in the world and is like a hungry lion. He is described as the Father of Lies. He and his followers have no desire to aid your welfare or happiness in any way whatsoever. In fact these evil entities want the opposite. It is difficult for them to harm you physically but they will severely mess with your head. Sometimes this is achieved quickly but frequently it is done over a period of time.

The Ouija board gives these demons a chance to tap into human mental energy and gain access to our world or more particularly the Ouija board users world. They will tell things which prove to be true just to suck you in, then they will sprinkle in the lies. They will lie about your relationships, your life expectancy or that of your loved ones. They will pretend to be the human spirit of a child or a nice old lady etc. Lies, lies, lies.

These ancient, "fallen angels", envy our existence and our potential for a relationship with God that will one day see our physical rebirth from the dead. Let me tell you that I am no fanatical bible thumper. I do know however, that evil stalks the unwary of this world in many ways. Ouija boards are one means for these demons to gain entry into your mind and soul. You have been warned.

If you are still drawn to this "game" ask the spirit this question, "Do you believe in Jesus Christ the son of the only living God, who with the power of the holy spirit came to save mankind from evil?" If you do get a reaction it will undoubtedly be vehemently blasphemous. Remember, not one of these entities is "good" and a quick prayer or turning the board upside down, or saying goodbye nicely, will have any effect at all, once you have let this evil being through.

Sent in by John, Copyright 2009

Chanting and the Ouija Board

Me and three mates sat in a room with a Ouija board and played the game. At the time Cody did not believe the stories, but still he was scared to do anything. My mate Stuart was scared of it no matter what, and Adrian he was scared but he held his hands over the board as I touched the glass thing thing.

We all chanted together "come spirits in the air and talk to us if you dare. In a place were no life survives, in a place evil thrives. Now I call you to the board, now speak to us through this glass. Now for the living shall pass."

Then I circled the board with the glass, then moved it back to the middle of the board. "Spirits speak to me," I said, "is anybody there?" Nothing happened for about 30 seconds then it moved to yes and circled it. Then it moved back to the middle.

"What is your name, if I may ask" I asked, the glass slowly spells out C-H-R-I-S-T-O-P-H-E-R, he was an old family friend that passed away 3 years before I was born. I asked "what have you come back to do", it started to spell T-O but then the candles were blown out and the spirit vanished, I then moved the glass to good bye and folded the board after saying Amen.

We were all thrilled that the board had worked, we had no thought to what the spirit had tried to say to me.

That night we decided to do it a second time, we were supposed to swap positions so that I would watch but the others chickened out so I had to do it again.

We used the same chant again, every thing was the same up to the name. The name was V-A-L-E.

Shaun Daley, Copyright 2010
Ouija Board Birthday Present

Okay, well this happened when I was a little girl, I am now 16. When I was 5 I remember my uncle buying a Ouija board for my cousin for his 14th birthday and he said, here you go enjoy your birthday gift. My cousins and I were all like okay well sneak a peek.

I remembered that night we waited until the sun went down so we could play the game. My cousin, who was the birthday boy, opened it. We all knew what kinda game it was. You spell out what your saying or just say something and watch the triangle mirror move. We were messing around with it and we all had our laughs, it was fun. I remembered it clearly, we made fun of how this game was boring and that it was just a make a believe game, and so after we had our fun we blew the candles out and slept through the night.

I lived in a small house. We had two families living in one. I was the first one to wake up that next morning. I went to the living room and watched cartoons like I always did when I wake up. Suddenly I felt like this tingly feeling like something was there like I didn't even want to do be in the living room. In the living room there was this doll on our counter dressed like a witch. I never liked it but I thought that if I knocked it down I wouldn't be scared so I knocked it down and ran into my parents room.

When I came out the witch doll was where it was placed like it wasn't even touched. You probably don't believe this but I know what I saw. I didn't tell anyone until my dad told us when he arrived home from work he smelled eggs as if someone were cooking and as he went into the kitchen he saw an old lady cooking. Once that happened we moved out down the street. Ever since then we still feel as if someone is following us and when we pass my old house during Halloween there's always a new family moving in or out of the house. I guess that what happens when you play with an Ouija board.

Sent in by Hazelle, Copyright 2009
Inviting The Demon - A Ouija Board Story

Here is a very touching story from Shelly describing her experiences that resulted in her and some friends "playing" with a Ouija Board. I really urge anyone who has any interest at all in Ouija Boards to read about this woman's harrowing experience.

Below are just a few excerpts from Shelly's story:

I am 30 years old now, but I have a true story to tell back when I was 17, almost 15 years ago in Seattle.


We all put our hands on the board and closed our eyes. Amber who was the one who studied witchcraft and that stuff was directing us. Telling us not fall asleep, but to relax our minds, to just let go and focus on creating a triangle in our minds where the spirits could come through. (I thought to myself, relaxing my mind will not be a problem, but the rest of this sounds like B.S.)

I said nothing, but just did as she said. I tuned out everything except the sound of her voice, creating a space in the form of a triangle for the spirits to come through in. I felt sleepy, but I did not lose consciousness. Then it happened.

I hope anyone who reads this very seriously considers the risk and consequences of playing with Ouija boards or dabbling in the occult without knowing what they are doing. I would not have posted this, but in the last part of my conversation with the Jewish mystic, he told me to tell my story so that others will know. Today I lead a good life again with balance and freedom. the images have stopped and apart from telling my tale about that September night, I do not think anymore of it.

I swear that everything in this is true and not embellished. These events happened just as I have described them and I have nothing to gain by lying. I only wish people to learn from the mistakes we made that night.
Read the complete fascinating and touching story ~

Inviting The Demon - A Ouija Board Story
Stories About Haunted Dolls

Is it possible for a doll to be haunted? Read some of these stories and find out!
Haunted Doll Stories
Here we have a collection of stories about haunted and possessed dolls. Is it possible for a spirit to attach itself to a doll or even to invade and "possess"...
My Thoughts about the Ouija Board

I would strongly recommend not getting a Ouija board, many old civilizations would try using these things to communicate with departed family or loved ones, so people would think they aren't all that dangerous. However, to the contrary the board offers the spirit or... thing a way to get into your life.

When you ask it questions you are opening a door or a way in. Now I am not an expert on this by any means, but I would never be caught dead with an Ouija board, mostly cause I have had my fair share of experiences before, and I would much rather not have anymore. And from all the bad news I have heard from people using those tools, I would just like to offer my opinion on that matter.

~ Jake
What Do You Believe?

Did Giants Once Walk the Earth?
Legends throughout the world have spoken of a race of giants that once walked the Earth. The Holy Bible speaks about the offspring of "the sons of God and the daughters of man", indicating that angels who...
The Paranormal Beliefs Survey
I have always been fascinated by anything considered paranormal, supernatural or mysterious. I grew up reading books about ghosts, UFOs and ancient mysteries. We have all had different experiences in this...
Are Shadow Creatures Paranormal Entities?
Many of us see those fleeting shadows just out of the corner of our eye, only to focus and find them gone. We continue to go about our day chalking it up to what it usually is, a trick of the light. However,...
Blog Posts About Ouija Boards

Supervisor says Ouija board comment on Harvey Milk vote was a joke
The San Francisco supervisor who drew national media attention Wednesday after reportedly consulting a Ouija board before a recent vote now says he was just kidding. Supervisor John Avalos told the San Francisco Chronicle he contacted gay rights ...
City official consults Ouija board before vote
SAN FRANCISCO ? A San Francisco supervisor says he consulted a Ouija board before city leaders voted on whether to recommend naming a Navy ship after slain gay rights activist Harvey Milk. Supervisor John Avalos tells the San Francisco Chronicle ...
Ouija boards and druids inspire Hull author Ray Clark's new novel The Priest's ...
OUIJA boards, druids and Julius Caesar are just some of the unusual subjects that have inspired a new book. Hull-born author Ray Clark has released his latest title, The Priest's Hole, after beginning research into ancient Celtic religions.
city insider By Heather Knight city insider city insider - Answers on deal ...
Will the Board of Supervisors use a Ouija board to determine what they think of it? Will the Warriors really keep Golden State in front of their name? And more! Quote of the week "I don't even have a Ouija board. Ouija boards freak me out.
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Aleister Crowley and the Ouija Board

Author J. Edward Cornelius shows how anyone armed with the proper knowledge can use the Ouija to communicate with invisible beings and other worlds.

Drawing on the writings of Aleister Crowley, aka the "Great Beast," and other magicians who advocated the Ouija's use as an occult tool, Cornelius examines the long history of "talking boards" and the power of the planchette, an ancient symbol believed to act as an invisible doorway.

Entertaining and enlightening, Aleister Crowley and the Ouija Board reveals the dark secrets and hidden truths of this curious, enduring "game."
Caity's Ouija Board Scare

My friends decided to play the Ouija board (weejee), me and my other friend were too scared to play so we sat on the laptop.

So my friends asked 'is anyone there?' and it moved to 'yes'. this was about the fourth time they had done it so they weren't as scared. So they asked another question, but I forget what it said but it spelled out D-E-A-T-H. They were a bit scared but kept going. Then they said, 'what do you want to do?' and it spelled K-I-L-L, so they asked 'who?' and it spelled 'P-E-O-P-L-E' they asked 'who you use a letter of there name?' and it said J.

My friends last name has a silent J in it, but she didn't think it was her. So for the past week she has gotten random bite marks on her neck and there is something coming out of her belly button. We all think a demon is in her.

Now search 'the curse of the crying boy' in Google and read the story, because if you know what it would do it will burn your house down. So my friends house that we were at had that picture of the little boy, and when they were doing it the candle started to get really really high and my friends was crying. The candle started flickering a lot when I went to go over to tell them to stop. When I sat down it wouldn't let me go so they had to ask it if I could leave. They stopped playing at exactly 11:11pm.

Sent in by Caity
Videos about Scary Ouija Stories

Scariest Ouija Board Demon ZOZO Possessed Girl
by OuijaWarning | video info

972 ratings | 621,295 views
automatically generated by YouTube
Will, The Ouija Demon At Our House

It was late at night, I had just moved into the house and I had heard whispers. I turned around it stopped and it had been two years since that happened. After those two years then everyone had been waking up at night and then screaming that was my baby brother being pinned to the ground. I couldn't get whatever it was off him. When I finally got whatever it was off him it disapeared into mid air. I also realized we had opened a place in the house that had a red circle and a star in it.

Then I got Ouija board (a board used to communicate with spirits) and I asked it it's name and it spelled W-I-L-L. I asked it when it was born, it spelled N-E-V-E-R then the board started moving in circles. I asked it if I had seen it, it spelled Y-E-S. I asked it where? It spelled O-N Y-O-U-R B-A-B-Y B-R-O-T-H-E-R.

Then we preformed a ritual, an old Native American one and sprinkled salt around the house and it was gone but not for long. I stepped out of my room at night and there was WILL again. I ran to my baby brothers room and took him downstairs. My parents started the car and made me and my baby brothers go in and we drove away.

Written by Ilsa Saeed, Copyright 2009
Gorf, The Ouija Board Spirit

This is something I've experienced as a child I used to play with a Ouija board. I used to talk to a man named Gorf (frog spelled backwards). But this girl about 19 years old in my trailer park said a spirit was messing with her at night. This sounds crazy but she came to me and asked me to help her. I didn't really know what to do so I just took my Ouija board over and talked to Gorf. He mentioned a jewelry box and pointed to a charm on the corner of the board. The woman checked her jewelry box and she had the exact same symbol on her necklace. She got the charm out of the box. The board said to get rid of it . After that I got rid of my Ouija board. I haven't played with one since.

Don't play with a Ouija Board! I'm telling you!

Sent in by Greg, Copyright 2009
Talk About Ouija Boards With Others

If you would like to get in on discussions about the Ouija Board or if you would just like to read what others have to say about the subject we have a special section for Ouija Board discussions in our forum:

Visit ~ Ouija Board Discussions at
Me and the Ouija Board

When I was 10 I had a Ouija board. My friends came over and we played with it. I was very patient with evil. So I brought 10 candles into the room and lit them. We asked numerous questions and it came out with a simple one word reply. I finally asked the big question. Are you an evil spirit? It gave an unusual answer, "Who wants to know?" I announced my name and it flew across the board. "Depends on who is asking." It quickly spelled out. I was not easily scared of supernatural. I started getting scared when it started asking questions. Then it asked what year it was. I said 2008 and the candles went out. My friend, Tori, started screaming downstairs. I ran down and the knife was in her hands. It was trying to cut her. A friend grabbed the Ouija board, she yelled at it to stop and the knife dropped. The Ouija board said "3000 years..." We destroyed the board and all the havoc stopped. When you have evil start up when you get a Ouija board, Get r id of it!

It seems as though the supernatural is attracted to me.

Julia Schaffer, Copyright 2010
Stay Away from Ouija Boards!

Ok when I was about 30 years old my mom had recently got divorced and me being really foolish I decided to go to the local mall in Tacoma, Washington and get a Ouija board from a store that I am sure everyone has heard of before; Spencer gifts! Getting a Ouija board from anywhere is bad enough but Spencer gifts is very creepy indeed! That place even smelled strange and evil.

Anyway I got this glow in the dark one and did something even more dumb still I had too much to drink and even though I asked the board a harmless question I thought anyway! I only spent at most 15 minutes with it and then got scared and threw it into the trash!

A few years later a nurse bought the house from my mom and not too long after, my mom's brother remodels the house and he and his partner, (he also had some Mexicans work for him), and my uncle's workers started to say to uncle Ken that they would not ever work alone! They said that they heard voices in the house! Even my uncle said one day he thought he heard his partner drive in loud and clear but nobody was there out in front of the yard!

The nurse that bought the house started to ask my uncle if this place was haunted? She heard very loud, I guess what sounded like, furniture moving around upstairs when she clearly had No furniture at all! Sometimes when she left for work and she made sure she locked the doors in the house when she would come home the door was unlocked completely or open a little bit! Lights would go on and off all by themselves.

To make matters worse when my parents finally moved into their new home in 1995 I think my dad's mother's ashes where in an urn that had been in there for a long time. The urn was down in the garage for years. I know this sounds really bad and it is bad when I think about it but to sum it all up don't ever mess with a Ouija board ever! Trust me it's not worth the danger and also don't keep one of your grandmother's ashes for very long as in spread the ashes in the sea or whatever the deceased person wanted.

Sent in by Steve F., Copyright 2010
Freaky Halloween Costumes

If you love Ouija Board Stories chances are you will want to dress up in Halloween costumes this October.
Ouija Board Stories from Ghost Space

Depression Suicide Thoughts and a Ouija Demon
So, when I was about fifteen I was really depressed. I wanted to end my life. I was also stupid and opened myself up to be possessed by demons or whatever wanted me. I went to the lake shortly after. Whenever I leave the lake for as long as I remember it rained. I recently [...]
All the Lovely Good Ghosts
Hi I'm Claire and I'm eleven years old. This is my ghost story about all the true friends I had. When I was eight I moved to a big house on an acre of land. I really loved the house til things started to get weird. Well, one day I was going up stairs to [...]
Ouija Board Scardey-Cat!
Taylor walked into our apartment. "Yo, May, guess what?" "What?" I asked, excited to hear the cool news. "I got a Ouija Board! Wanna play?" she asked. I was uneasy, but totally excited! We went to the next apartment building We got our 2 friends, Shay and Brittany. "So… um… We're playing this dumb board [...]
Talking to a Friend in Hell via Ouija Board

This Ouija story was given to me by a friend of mine who did several sessions communicating with a friend of his who said he went to hell. This is his email to me, word for word in his own words...

I'll tell you what he told me. His name is Drew and he was a gang member from my area that died and went to hell. He said that it is very dark and smoldering hot where he is. He told me that the Ouija board is an oracle designed to talk to the residents in hell and that some spirits may be good souls that were banished to hell for not believing in God, but most of the spirits are bad spirits faking it and trying to seem good. Since my uncle knew him, he was telling me about this on multiple occasions.

From what he has told me, there are 3 stages after death. There is heaven (Gods palace), limbo (our world - you are stuck here to haunt something till you move on), and hell (Satan's palace). I don't know, he said that it was too complicated to explain, but he is in hell and at the same time he is in the room with me. He said that he can be in 2 places at one time. He would warn us of demons that are coming through and said that the Ouija board is a portal to hell. They are still in hell, but half of them are in your home. That is how evil spirits are released through oracles.

He told me that hell is forever, and when he first went there he was in dark nothing with light shining on him. The light started closing and souls began to grab him and bite and suck his flesh. He screamed for mercy, but his actions were unforgivable. He said that when you go to hell, damned souls will grab you and drag you down while ripping you apart, but of course he paraphrased it. He said there is no getting out of hell. You're trapped there for good, but he said the devil allows some demons to leave so that they can damn souls.

Read the complete story at Talking to a Friend in Hell via Ouija Board
The Vampire Compendium

This article will delve into that evolution throughout the world and history. The purpose of this article is to get a glimpse at how diverse the global mythology and history of vampires is.

The Vampire Compendium delves into the different and strange incarnations and myths and legends of Vampires from all over the world then gets into how the concept of vampires has affected our world today.

The Vampire Compendium
The Ouija Ghost

About 4 years ago me and me friend Jessica got bored and decided to go to toys r us and look for a game while there we came across a Ouija board and decided to get it and see how "fake" it was. We asked it the typical questions on our future she asked if her and her boyfriend were going to break up it said yes on November 17 then she asked who she was going to marry it said Cody and it said she was going to have a boy by him well I figured she was just pulling my leg so I told her to stop moving it and she got mad and let go well it started moving on its own and it spelled get out. freaked out I threw the board out the room and it slammed the door then the room got foggy and I screamed go away and it just quickly dissipated. Since then Jessica's boy friend dumped her on that date a guy Cody she met purposed and they have there first son named Tristan! So I am a firm believer now and will never play with one again

Sent in by Ashley, Copyright 2010
Bloody Mary

Explains the origins of the Bloody Mary 'legends' and includes personal experiences and stories dealing with the ghostly female.
Bloody Mary

"Bloody Mary" the legend is actually based on two historic personages. Mary I, Queen of England (the real "Bloody Mary") and Countess Elizabeth Bathroy, the...
Ouija Board Tales

More Ouija stories from Ouija Board Tales
My Paranormal Experiences After Using a Ouija Board
I have always believed in the paranormal, ever since I was very young. I had never had any of my own experiences, but I still believed everything I had heard. It seemed to me there was no way it couldn't be true. Then I had some experiences that made me certain I was right in believing.

In November 2007, my dad died in a car accident. At the time, I was 12, my younger sister was 10, and my baby
Is My Life a Demonic Love Story?
Shivers up my spine, ear drums tortured with the booms, pops, and shrieks which bloom from the night, and objects moving, sometimes even manipulating themselves without any given explanation. These are just some of the experiences I've encountered since the duration of 2011.

All of these hellish events began January of 2011, a few months after moving to care take a house in Yakima, WA. Before
My Ghost Story
It all started out innocently enough. I am still taken by strange feelings once in a while, and it might take many years for it to stop, maybe not, I?m not sure. Only time will tell, but I must, I have to tell my story, and let it out of my chest because I still hear the noises that haunt me everywhere I go, and they always come in threes. If I tell my story, it might stop, and give me some peace
Zach The Demon
The following story happened to me and a group of friends about a year ago. We haven't spoke of it since, especially not in the apartment where it took place, for fear that it may come back. We also only told a select few people about the experience. We all just wanted to forget it.

My brother Bryan, his roommate Matthew, and myself used an Ouija board at about 4 o'clock in the morning at my
My Real Ouija Board Experience
Hi, my name is Jennifer. I used to play with the Ouija board and will never play it again. Me, my best friend, and her sister started watching these Ouija videos. We were a bit scared, but we still wanted to try it out to see if it really works. We made our own board and printed out instructions. We started asking if anyone was here. There was no answer. We stopped after trying about 27 times. We
Something's Creeping on You is it Already Too Late?
Alright, here goes nothing. This is actually my first time since I've brought these incidents up since they happened cause I really don't want to think about them, but it seems that there are few people in here that have had something similar happened to them, so I wanted to share my story.

Now before I start I would also like to mention that I don't believe in god or any higher power so to say,
Hatman My Friend/Foe
To start, I have always been sensitive to the other side of the veil. I am use to it and it really doesn't bother me... usually. I've had run-ins with spirits and creepy feelings that turn out to have merit and all that. My son has the same thing going on with him.
We both met what we assumed was a spirit about 10 years ago. We both have seen him and tried to communicate with him. I even tried to
Ouija First Experience Why Did it Choose Me?
This is my first story, this really happened to me a week ago. I always felt there were strange thing's happening to me. So I decided to use a Ouija board to ask the questions that have been bothering me since I was a kid.

First I asked the board 'IS someone there?' the board replied 'Yes'. I asked 'Can I ask you some questions?' the board replied 'Yes'.

So I decided to ask one of my questions
Ghost Stories

Ghost Stories courtesy of where a new story is added every day.

Here are just the newest additions to our growing collection:

My Grandma Saved My Life
My Grandma Saved My Life Ever since I was 8 years old I have had this feeling of having encounters w...
Spirits Don't Like Change
Spirits Don't Like Change We've lived in the house we're in for almost ten years and nothing ever ha...
Central Valley Paranormal At Virginia City
Central Valley Paranormal At Virginia City Meet Central Valley Paranormal Compromised of the followi...
What Did it Take From Me?
What Did it Take From Me? Ok so last night I was at my brother's house because my mom had to work an...
The Man In Black Tries To Get You
The Man In Black Tries To Get You I was about 13 when it all happened, it was Friday I don't necessa...

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