Friend Of Mine Felt An Unseen Force Today. Ghost?


Two friends of mine were planning to go through some things today at their great grandparents home, and invited me to go with them. We went through a bunch of their grandparents things inside the house, and also in the garage for a few hours. We then returned to the house, and walked around the basement for a few minutes. We came back upstairs to the kitchen and we were talking about their great grandmother and her affinity for owls. One of the brothers was standing about 4 feet from where I was standing. All of a sudden he said that "something just grabbed my foot!" We thought he was joking at first, but we could see within a few seconds that he wasn't joking.

I was standing near him, and actually looking in his direction the whole time. I saw nothing on the floor anywhere near him, the nearest thing was a chair to the kitchen table. It was probably at least 2 feet away, and no way that he contacted it, or it to him. He was soon after obviously trying to rationalize the situation, and also explaining how it felt to him. He explained that it felt as if either someone grabbed his foot as he picked it up to begin walking, or that it felt as if something was in front of his foot, keeping it from moving forward. He couldn't move it freely forward to walk. He was having trouble distinguishing which it was. He just couldn't move his foot in a fluid motion forward. He said that as he tried to move it he also heard what sounded like something moving across the floor near his foot. Seemed almost like a scraping sound as he described it.

I could clearly see his foot, and I saw him start to move, and then he didn't move. Then he began saying that something grabbed his foot. Shortly after this experience, he moved away from the area. He then said, "Look at my arms! The hair is standing on end and I have goosebumps!" I took a look, definately his hair was all standing up and he had very visible goosebumps.
Did something similar ever happened in this house in the past ? Sounds like this old great grandmother still like to mess a bit with you guys.

While I was reading, I thought about the possibility that this guy had his foot stuck into something or whatever, but like you said, there wasn't anything on the floor around him other than this chair several feet away. Did you feel something ususual when it happened ? I'd probably shit my pants if something similar happened to me. I'd try to understand and find a logical explanation but I guess, I wouldn't be unable to find one.

Is this guy used to similar phenomens ?

He hadn't had anything like this happen before. He was a non-believer basically before this happened. You could tell that it was really bothering him, trying to come up with some kind of rational explanation.

I didn't feel anything unusual before or during the event, but what I was talking about when this occured is a bit strange. I was talking about something that his grandmother used to say when she came in the door of the house. We had all been discussing their grandmother, and then he got grabbed. So that definately adds to the strangeness of it all.

He said that he will never go in that house alone again, now after this happened. There was nothing for him to catch his foot on, and he had nothing on the bottom of his foot. He couldn't explain it, and it was bothering him pretty bad. His brother and I kind of laughed about it, to be honest, but he wasn't laughing at all, it freaked him out.

Well, another chapter to add to this same house.

My good friends brother, the same guy who claimed to have his foot grabbed, was at this house with his son lately. He was outside cleaning up some stuff from a recent sale. His 14 year old son was walking around inside of the house. Suddenly he noticed his son running out of the house in a huge hurry. He said that his son was white as a sheet, and he knew that something had happened. He asked him, "What is wrong?" His son said that he was in the house alone, knew that no one was in there, and he heard someone cough. He said he knew what he heard, and he walked towards what he heard. Then he was just about to turn around a corner and heard someone say, "Shhhh, he's coming" It was then that he took off outside to get out of the house. Seems it was likely a disembodied voice.

No one else was on the property but he and his dad, and his dad was outside near the detached garage, no where near where the sounds were coming from. I guess the 14 year old was visably shaken from the experience. His dad understood, because he had experienced something in the house himself first hand.

I know when I was in the house, it felt like there was a presence there. Kind of an eerie feel to the place. I wasn't really scared there, but it just felt like there could be something around. Maybe that feeling of being watched or something.
I think its time to sell the house, put the stuff in storage with a sign sayin don't open till I die, there is somethin there that needs to be exposed but I am not goin in to find out what. and you should be very carefull if you go back
The house is for sale. It is a very old home, like 100 years old or older. Many generations of his family have lived there in the home. There are quite a few old items in the house. They have been having auctions at the home to try to sell of most of the stuff, the things they don't want to keep. I don't know if I will be back at the home or not. I would kind of like to go back there, before they sell it, just to see what I can feel the 2nd time around. I didn't get any ominous feeling there, but you never know. Good to be cautious. Interesting now that this guy and his son both have experienced something in the home. I was there to see the reaction of this kids dad, when he had his experience. It was very real, and the hair was standing up on his arms, and goosebumps all over. I'm glad that I was there to witness that.
well iffin you do go back take one of them new fangled camras that spose to see goast, I can't remember there name but they use them to catch a pic. of the electric fields around the human body. you might just catch a glimps of whatever is creepin you'all out I would love to be there for that. hey you could even call the discovery chanel they might come and do a spot on the goast buster show just a thought
I haven't been back to the house. I've been extremely busy with work and life. However, I will be going sometime fairly soon to a home that some other friends of ours have been apparently experiencing a lot of activity. There are 4 people who live in the home, they were recently at our place for the 4th of July. They were sharing their experiences they've encountered at their house. All 4 of them have seen 3 to 4 different apparitions in the home. Each person seemingly seeing the same apparitions, same appearance. They've had physical manipulation of objects in the home, on numerous occasions, including a trash can lid flying across the room right in front of them. A lot of knocking and sounds in the home, and they've felt that something is around them though they don't see anything. Also their pets have stopped at doorways, and started going crazy, dogs barking and the cat raising the hair on its back and hissing, as if something was in the room.

I'm going to walk around the home and see what I can sense about what is going on. I already told them some things that came to me about the place, and they confirmed that I was right on about my statements. So I will just have to check it out and see what I pick up.

I have some equipment that can be used for ghost hunting, but first I'm going by to just check the place out. I will try to let you guys know what comes of this.

It is very interesting that they have all been seeing the same apparitions in the home now over the past few years. This phenomena has been affecting them a lot, so I want to try to help.
cool I was just wondering if you got back and what happened
I will be watching for your up dates on the friends house I think its great you can help them,, as I am sure its very upsetting for them