Gene Krupa Drum Beat Crazy!..


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@Wind7 will be well aquainted with Gene Krupa who was probably the first drummer to put the "Rock" into Rock Music...For those who remember Keith Moon the original drummer of the rock group The Who, will immediately see the influence of the Krupa drumming style...

The musical "interpretation" of Gene Krupa in my humble opinion, varies around his lightning speed "inbetween" the various symbols and drums during the music...I hope there are Paranormalis members that have been or are still involved with playing the drums, plus maybe a love of Gene Krupa or even other drummers...

A drummer holds the key to psychologically "entraining" peoples minds by varying tempos, and imho, using the sound of the side drum in conjunction with the pedal bass drum sound that you find as an example, in various African music/dances that lots of us have seen in older movies..