Ghost Stories Needed for Radio Show!

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Hey everybody! I am currently making a radio show for college about ghost stories. I would love some personal experiences about hauntings and ghosts for the show. If you are interested feel free to leave your story- I will give full credit to you (either your user name or a preferred name just let me know). The more detailed the better as these are going to be read aloud.

Thank you all so much can't wait to hear about your experiences!
-Sam Alexander


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Still remember when I visited my classmate in his family's appartment. We watched a horror movie and he asked if I believed in ghosts. Said that I didn't, but he insisted that his grandma had seen a ghost. His cat was very old and might have understood what we talked about.

A few years later when my friend was leaving the class and moving, I was on vacation in my family's cabin. It was a summer evening and I walked past the bedroom door when I saw the cat lying on my bed, but hovering a decimeter above it. The cat looked back at me, and then got terrified when seeing my organs through my body. Felt like being seen naked, but worse, like wearing no skin. The cat then ran towards the wall and leaped right through it.

Maybe my friend's cat came to show me that ghosts are real, in some way. Leaping through the wall suggests that it obeys physical rules, yet the poor alignment with the surface it stood on suggests that it may be more like an augmented reality answering machine communicating using quantum entanglement.

The ghost was not glowing or evil looking like in movies, just looked like a real cat, but colliding at the wrong places like a buggy AR application.


@Tron1 could share his latest ghost encounter with you. He already gave out some details in the chat.


I do, but I would have to dig up my old photos from Saint Augustine. Being ADHD and forgetful, the odds of my looking for them are low, but I'll keep it in mind. Looking for stuff is stressful for me.


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Sam been meaning to catch up with you for a much longer detailed version. Avery is willing too as well Dr Z may want to get in. Add others.