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Taum Noddy is a evil humanoid entity from another dimension. His technology is primitive but effective. All you need to know about Noddy is he welch's on his deals and requires a host to function in this relem.
So the astral plane exist? Does magic exist, too?

How did you know he speaks to Taum Noddy? Will he post this in this forum in the future? I guess no if it probably ends soon. do you have some spy software? Or how did they(that give you your notes) and you got your information?

What information does this Taum Noddy have?

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The theory of scalar waves is based on altered Maxwell Equations. I have them here somewhere (in a few of my books) that is not really hidden. But I am not sure if these books are telling the truth.

Maybe Starlite knows more. Do scalar waves exist? @Starlite


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Maybe Starlite knows more. Do scalar waves exist? @Starlite
Energy can neither be created or destroyed it can only be transformed or transformed into something else. When two magnetic fields neutralize each other they don't disappear rather transform. Now physicist of this time still debate over if superluminal particles exist. Scalar waves are superluminal and produced by collapsing magnetic fields under certain circumstances.


Any advanced technology will seem like magic! Don't encourage him to contact Taum Noddy. Who is a humanoid entity from another dimension trying to get a foothold in this relam.
you are correct indeed any advanced technology seems like magic.. as simple as taking an iphone into the 1980's you would be looked like insane human slave.. but you really would not be .. it just not its time to come out yet (be officially out for the slaves to use) .. some never gets out.. go back to 2005 and talk about the 2020's most human slave would look at you as if you are INSANE.. in fact they would institutionalize you in 2005-2006 if you described 2020's .. the only one who got away with this was alex jones who is now a god DUE to his ability to foreseen things like that.. go tell to someone from 2005 that the deep state literally control good portion of the weather.. in 2005 you will be laughed at .. the talk is about iraq and how you must destroy all muslim terrorists.. not about weather and the deep state luring you into the AI enslavement