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Give Me Liberty website is back

We The People Foundation & We The People Congress

Almost everything on that website is worth a look. These people are not kooks. Their main goal is to illiminate income taxes and are currently filing a lawsuit to stop withholding of taxes of the named plaintiffs until their grievances are address. Instead of just talking about how crummy some things the government is doing, they are taking action.

If you only go to one place on this website, please go here: We The People Features - Taxes - USA Today Ad - Friday July 7, 2000 (identifies why the 16th admendment was never ratified).

Here are some other things you can find there on the website:

537 Questions the US Government Will NOT Answer

Larken Rose: "Please Prosecute Me" for Failure to File

Learn How the Lawsuit Will Protect ALL Plaintiffs From ALL IRS & DOJ Income Tax Enforcement Actions, Civil & Criminal

Become a Member of the Class-Action Lawsuit for NO COST.

Learn How the Right of Petition is THE Key to Reclaiming Our Freedom & Constitutional Order