God lighter?

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So a couple days ago me and a group of friends were talking and out of nowhere a green lighter falls onto the ground, no one in my group had a lighter on them, I'm also the only one who noticed the lighter so I picked it up and took it, I asked my group about it but no one knew where it came from. I jokingly started calling it the god lighter but I don't know where it came from. It actually fell from the sky. What's weird to me is I'm a total firebug I love fire and I've been talking about putting a lighter on this tutu that gets passed down and everyone who has it puts something on it. The lighter fell in front of me while I was wearing the tutu too so I guess I have a lighter as a gift from god.

steven chiverton

Senior Member
maybe a bower bird if they exist in your country picked it up somewhere and dropped it in flight dont they have a fascination for collecting colorful objects and storing them in its nest , or something or some one is shaping your destiny


Did it break?

If it didn't, you might be able to estimate the maximum height from which it fell.


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I was one of those people where I would come home from a gig (I used to be a drummer/bassist)
or from a party with an extra lighter or two in my pocket.

There's a little prank I used to pull on the unsuspecting where I would take a lighter
and silently launch it straight up but slightly angled to drop straight down in the midst of friends.
No one ever caught me....But a lighter would seem to 'Fall from out of nowhere'.

I suspect someone in your group might be the culprit knowing that you wished to burn that tutu.

The other plausible cause would be what Steve suggested,
I have watched birds try to confiscate my mum's lighters back in the day.



Maybe it was God ?