Gold Prediction was wrong


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Jun 17, 2004
Well, I must admit that my Gold Prediction was wrong. Back in 2005, I said that gold would go over $2000 an ounce. That this would not soon occur. However, that it would happen before Dec 31, 2019. Sadly, I was wrong. Today I sold my gold and hey, the precious metal could not hold above $1300 an ounce. I had been selling an ounce here or there, but now I decided to dump it as 2000 gold is not near.

I made this prediction back in 2005 because I knew that Gold would go up. It did go as high as $1,905.10 on Sept. 5, 2011, but it never broke through the magical 2,000 barriers for some reason. Each timeline is different and on most gold shot up over 2,000 ages ago.



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Jul 24, 2017
yeah I was predicting that too..actually was predicting 40 dollar silver which would've been a higher return. Alas I think the whole world is in a holding pattern. Now that Jerome Powell is the head of the fed and is a trump appointee I think we'll see stable prices for a while.

Fed has to be printing trillions a month to keep everything other way possible.


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Oct 28, 2011
I remember when Silver hit 40...… I had the deepest feeling that would be the knell... I had it me to sell my silver at that time because I knew that was gonna be a wake call and a fall... the peak... I went to go sell my silver which was actually OUR silver because I was married at the time and the wife had a say.... she previously would always say"sell it, Sell it its worthless, Sell it its not gonna reach anything" When it hit fourty per ounce I was ready to cash out my chips because I knew that was the peak... and THAT WAS THE FUCKING TIME SHE DECIDED 'no hold on to it silver is going up in price bla bla bla'

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