Gravity : Time per Time concept


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Gravity : Time per Time concept

I'm a scholar in prophecies and prediction and Johns material is very interesting too me.

From the Prophecy & prediction, the following predictions seem to match - Russian (eastern) invasion of Europe

From the physics department: The LHC (Large Hadron Collider) is currently being build at CERN. The USA also is building equivalent particle accelarators. The interesting particle that science is looking at could be found in the 200+ GigaElectronVolt range. The new accellerators should be capable to study up until 1200 GigaElectronVolt (1.2 TeV). The particle they are looking for is the Higgs particle. The math for the quantum mechanics indicates a particle in that range that makes an equasion go infinite (black hole ?!?!).

Johns vocabulary and context of the machine fit the quantum mechanics world. Electron bombardment (electrical charge) is what happens in every TV set. Anti-matter (a particle) can be contained in special equipment. The electrically charged black hole is not as far fetched as it seems.

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The M theory is a string theory and is a deeper fitting theory from quantum mechanics. String Theory uses dimensions (9,10,11,24) in order to explain the world around us.

Good reading at:
String Theory Basics

My theory of this could be explained like this:
If a particle reaches speed of light, it gets infinite mass. Assuming that Time is the mathematic imaginary axis of mass (velocity requires time), timeshift can occurr when mass becomes infinate and shifts along the imaginary axis could be controlled by other means (lets say electrical charge). Given the time per time travel speed (how much years per hour) I reach the following conclusion:

There are three variables:
  • Location in time
  • Location in space
  • Sphere of influence
Deriviates from that are
  • Time per time (timetravel speed)
  • Space per time (space speed)
  • Time per space (gravity imaginary axis)
  • volume as function of space and time (and possibly gravity)
From that can be concluded:
  • The speed of timetravel is restricted by the volume required for the sphere
  • The speed of timetravel is restricted by the speed (in any direction) of the sphere
  • A computer would be able to control the required speed and direction of the sphere by measuring one of the following: gravity pull on the sphere or GPS
  • A computer would be able to control the volume of the sphere while in timetravel by measuring the required timespeed and locationspeed. (requires testing)
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Gravity : Time per Time concept

Welcome Michael, hope you stick around.
I have one question to ask you if okay on your theory, and that would be have you considered how you would accellerate the particles to the speed of light in order to enact the travel?


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Gravity : Time per Time concept

I wouldn't.

The Theory is based on the theory of time being a complex function (or a higher dimension) of gravity. A particle with relativly high (or infinite) mass could also occur on other situations (e.g. Higgs). Control of this particle could generate time per time in a sphere of influence.