Greeting from Fanavans


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Greeting from Fanavans

Hello World!

I'm here primarily to talk about time travel, but also a little about Rudolph Stiener.

I've hung around this board without saying anything for a while. I would normally say that I am extremely well read, but in the company I'm in here that would be untrue I think.

I'd love to know/share somtehing about the concept of time as a human construct, emotional time, and the relationship between these and time travel. If there are any posts on these Please point me there if you can!

This is, without a doubt, one of the friendlist and constructive boards I have ever been on, so hats off to the mods. And Well designed too, so hats off to admins + devs!!!

There are numerous stories re my my choice of screen name! There may even be a website dedicated to it but I think it has been taken down. In time, the stories will come out. On reflection, its prob not that interesting...

So HI!!!


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Re: Greeting from Fanavans

Hello Fanavans