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Greetings Earthlings


A TTC or time transducing capacitor has not been developed by the earthlings as yet, however

it is obtainable depending on the values, etc., needed to compress.

Take a diode capable of handling the power you require and place it before a series of Caps. four to be exact ... make sure to use two in a row of equal value then the next one must be no less than one half the Micro Farad value of the first and the next one must be Exactly twice the value of the third in the series.

Of course this will compress the needed electrical values, but not enough, so you must then use a series of coils (six) each one-third the value of the value of the coil before it until the value is at a level no more than 1/12 the value of the input value.

The most important step then is to take a coil with no less than a 6" diameter using pure silver wire that has no less than 200 windings and no more than 400 and of course no odd numbered windings or well, you know ... now use a coil with pure or at least 99% pure copper and a 4" diameter with one half the windings again very careful to have exact number of windings and no odd numbers PLEASE FOR ALL OUR SAKES! ... now one last coil with a 2" diameter, by now you should see the pattern that is needed to produce the time compression and be able to equate any values you need and see why the diode in the beginning is so important.

Now if you intend to use this for more than the average mass of any being over 200 Lb. be sure to include a back up capacitor of the exact value of the final output values and make sure the entire system is charged before transmitting any valuable cargo to another period.

PS. The value of final output is what will determine your time line destination, being that the value or time is equal to the time compression value X amperage + current and devided by the actual time it takes the compression to occur you must use a precise method to measure your actual electron time flow through the whole system minus (-) two hundred nano seconds per foot of the coil length.