Grey Alien Spotted in Cornfield


Mar 4, 2016
Grey Alien Spotted in Cornfield - Paranormal Elite

Photograph above!

The photograph above shows a supposed grey alien that was spotted and caught on camera in a cornfield. The actual location which the photo was taken remains a mystery, however we do know that it was taken in the rural United States. The "rural U.S." is pretty vague and could be a lot of places.

The alien in this photo is circled in red and is seen hiding behind the corn. After seeing this photograph you will probably wonder why an intelligent lifeform such as this alien has developed technology to travel hundreds of light years and upon arriving to Earth, is degraded to hiding in a cornfield.

The most rational explanation for this photograph is that it just depicts a movie prop such as a mask or is simply the result of photo editing and manipulation. What do you think? Does this picture show a real grey alien spotted and caught on camera in a cornfield?


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Jun 17, 2004
When I was a kid, I liked hiding in fields of corn. Back then, corn was a lot taller than now. Also, it was in rows.

Sadly, many victims of UFO abduction are taken every year. They face a truly harrowing experience.

Rather than acknowledge the trauma of what is going on... our gov prefers to sweep it under a rug.

Authorities claim people who report alien abductions are hoaxers or need medical care.

If I can give any advice, it would be for our gov to be honest and open.

Of course, the only thing a police state can do is -

talk about another law they need to pass.


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Sep 16, 2014
Should not they have body suits such that our microbes do not kill them? Just a thought...