Has anyone ever Astral Projected (OBE) ?.


Im interested to know if anyone has had a real astral projection, if you have please tell me your experience.


Temporal Engineer
Yes. I did it once. I had checked out a book on how to astral project many many years ago. It described a meditation technique. I practiced the technique every night just before falling asleep. It was about two weeks into it that I succeeded. It was a stilling the mind technique. What I think happened was the technique is devised to trick the body and mind into thinking it had fallen asleep. Then I slipped out of my body with ease. I sat up in bed and got out of bed. I walked towards the door. I placed my hand on the doorknob. But my hand passed right through the door knob. I was not expecting that. A little alarmed, I turned around and saw my body on the bed. After that I was instantly back in my body. And I was very disturbed over what I had done. This was not a dream. I never lost consciousness. I was watching and waiting in the background to make my escape. I did it. And now I have many many more questions without answers. The big one is "Why do we have bodies if we can exist without them?"

I came across an interesting story many many years later. It may or may not be true. But it helped a little in filling in the blanks for questions without answers. There is a lot to be said for ignorance is bliss. So if you proceed, I suppose it could be construed as taking a bite of forbidden fruit. So are you willing to take the risk? Proceed then!